Rouen - Panorama of the Sainte Catherine hillRouen- Panorama of the Sainte Catherine hill
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Visit in 5 days

Crossed by 3000 years of history, the capital of Normandy is a flamboyant heritage experience. A land of inspiration for many artists, oxygenated by an exceptional natural wealth, Rouen and its Seine Valley has a gastronomy of excellence and keeps from its industrial heritage a temperament of conquest. Welcome to a destination with great potential!

Experience the heritage of a stay

in Rouen and the Seine Valley for 5 days

Admire the city, its multiple half-timbered houses, visit its many museums with some of the most important collections in France. Discover its history which tells a succession of eras. Soak up the atmosphere and generosity of its inhabitants in the shops and restaurants. Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of its landscapes shaped by the Seine and its meanders, its surrounding forests.

Day 1

Every street corner is a monument!

To begin your stay in the Norman capital, what better way than with a guided or audio-guided tour of the city of Rouen? You’ll discover Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Gros-Horloge, the Saint-Maclou district, the Place du Vieux Marché… so many heritages that are not to be missed. You didn’t expect it, did you? From the Gros Horloge, the emblematic monument of Rouen, you will be able to appreciate a unique panorama of the city. So, don’t hesitate to climb to the very top of this unique place!

After this guided tour of Rouen’s high points, venture to the heart of the Joan of Arc Historial. You will be able to immerse yourself in a unique digital tour.This one is installed in the Archbishop’s Palace and immerses you in the History of the Pucelle.

A little peckish after having learned so much about the city of Rouen? Then go taste the destination’s specialty: the famous canard à la rouennaise. You’ll experience a unique moment, to be shared and experienced with family or friends. This traditional recipe is served to you with prior reservation in 4 restaurants: Café Victor, La Couronne, Les Capucines, Le Parc.

To continue your journey, head to the Musée des Beaux-Arts. You can admire the impressionist gallery and the works of the greatest artists for free.

If your stay in Rouen takes place during the summer period, from June to September, enjoy the Cathedral of Light show on the cathedral square. Be amazed by the sound and light shows projected on the facade to end your first day in style!

Day 2

A green nature at the gates of the city

Eager to discover what the Rouen metropolis has to offer? We’ve got the perfect program for your second day in the Normandy area!

Start your morning with two visits: that of the abbey and the gardens of Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville and that of the Abbey of Jumièges, one of the oldest Benedictine monasteries in Normandy with majestic towers.

After this visit rich in history and emotions, take the bike route du Conihout to meet the producers of the fruit route. Discover the tasting of fruits and vegetables “sold at the gate” while admiring the Seine Valley and its ecosystem so rich. In addition, the passage of the ferry, unusual and free transportation allows you to pass from one bank to another of the Seine, on foot, by bike or by car. The exploration of this place will be a real change of scenery! However, if the weather is not good, visit instead the Museum August 1944 at the Chateau du Taillis in Duclair.

It digs to walk and pedal so much… So take a break atLa Bouille, Hector Malot’s native village, a picturesque site that inspired the Impressionists. You will feel like you are inside a painting!

At the end of the day, you can return to the Norman capital and take a leisurely stroll along the quays of Rouen, where the old port sheds now host numerous restaurants, bars and leisure activities. We order ourselves a little drink or a good dish and admire the Seine and the unique architecture of the Pont Flaubert?

If after this moment of relaxation, you feel like it, you can go admire the setting sun from the panorama of the Sainte-Catherine coast, unobstructed view on the city and moment of wonder guaranteed!

Day 3

An industrial heritage to be experienced as an adventure

It’s time for you to discover the rich industrial past of the Rouen area…

You can make a departure by public transport, train or bike on the la Seine à Vélo to Elbeuf.
The medieval and industrial heritage is still very much embedded in the architecture of the city… And its main monuments are the translation of this rich heritage: so go and discover the circus-theater and the-Factory-of-Knowledge.

After visiting these two must-see places in Elbeuf, head to Little Manchester, the Cailly Valley. La Corderie Vallois is a timeless space that has preserved the atmosphere of a 19th century textile factory. The original machines have been preserved and still work thanks to a huge paddle wheel activated by the water of the Cailly. A visit that will appeal to your 5 senses awaits you…

Want to leave with a sweet treat? Visit the Confiseurs, Rouen’s only sugar maker, in the workshop-boutique located in Notre-Dame de Bondeville in a former cotton spinning factory.

After dark, you can go to a match of the city’s sports teams: soccer, field hockey, baseball, rugby or basketball clubs shine in nationaland international competitions.

Day 4

In the footsteps of great artists

The artistic heritage is in the spotlight for this 4th day of visiting the Norman capital!”

Adventure on the road of the writers of Rouen, authors who have marked literature over the centuries. From the home of Pierre Corneille, through his house in Petit-Couronne, to the life of Gustave Flaubert and his works with the Flaubert is not dead app and the Flaubert and History of Medicine Museum. You’ll be spoiled for choice when you visit…

Hungry to get the chills, make a detour to the Monumental Cemetery, Rouen’s Père Lachaise.

After a morning full of emotions, sit down in the famous quartier des Antiquaires, in the heart of the Saint-Maclou district. Artists, art craftsmen, antique dealers and gallery owners will delight hunters and art lovers.

Want to learn about the art trades? Rouen Tourism offers ceramics or even chiseling courses at the galerie des Arts et du Feu within l’aître Saint-Maclou. And if you don’t like manual activities, visit the museums of ceramics and the Secq des Tournelles to discover the world’s largest collection of ironwork.

To stay in the artistic world until the end of the night, the Rouen metropolis offers many concertsor shows in one of the multiple halls, where artists perform all year long.

Day 5

In the heart of an exceptional nature

To end this stay on a gourmet touch,you can go prepare your lunch basket based on local products at the Saint-Marc market or under the halls of the Vieux-Marché. Leaving with all these beautiful products, you’ll be able to think back on this magical stay in the Norman capital. A bit nostalgic, no?

But before you get behind the stove, take a hike among more than 500 kmof marked trails along the Seine or in the exceptional forest massifs.Choose your route according to your level, the time you want to spend and the landscapes you want to admire!

Or, discover the Seine differently from its panoramas or on a cruise boat along bucolic landscapes or in the heart of the port activity. You can just as easily take advantage of the La Seine à Vélo cycling route that connects Paris to the sea by renting a bike in our Rouen or Jumièges Tourist Office.

Before you leave, enjoy a glass of cider or local beer on one of the many terraces in town.