The Fruit Route in Normandy by BikeThe Fruit Route in Normandy by Bike
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The fruit road by bike

Discover Normandy by bike in a corner of paradise between Jumièges and Duclair.
Between the loops of the Seine and the orchards, ride through a unique place where time stops and curiosity begins. A few minutes from Rouen and its medieval city center immerse yourself in the heart of the Norman bocage in the heart of the Seine-Maritime department.

An oceanic climate on the banks of the Seine

Spreading over 62 km, the fruit route crisscrosses orchards punctuated by architectural heritage of great historical value such as the Abbey of Jumièges. What is striking after a few pedal strokes are these numerous orchards, witnesses of an ancestral culture made possible by the presence of an oceanic climate and the historical influence of the monks of Jumièges Abbey.

This very particular microclimate is very favorable to fruit growing.It is due to the presence of the river, less rainfall and the white chalk cliffs that reflect the heat and protect from cold winds.

Enjoy the moment

This climate allows the fruit trees to be generous with local producers.The many tourists and locals alwaysappreciate the sales at the property, or at the gate, directly from the producer to the consumer.An ideal opportunity to introduce the little ones to the Normandy terroir during a quiet stroll.

If you are looking for a quiet moment to commune with nature, the fruit road is the ideal place.The richness of the flora and the fauna of Normandy will know how to disorient you during a bike ride.

Discover Normandy by Bike

The fruit route can be traveled on foot, by car or by bike. Marked out, the route is safe and allows you to ride your bike in complete peace of mind. Switching from the right bank to the left bank thanks to the Seine ferries, try the experience on two wheels and get on your mount for an unusual discovery of Normandy by bike.

Each spring, the landscape is transformed into realimpressionist paintings mixing white and pink shades. The flowering of the trees takes place from March to May starting with the plum trees and ending with the cider apple trees. The pleasure is to drive between apple fields, the Seine or even in private estates where cherry and plum trees intermingle. It is also an opportunity to stop and take a break in the shade of a fruit tree, taste one of its fruits and greet the cows in the nearby fields.

Fruit of all kinds

Normandy has a choice!

The presence of fruit in this part of Normandy dates back to the 7th century when the monks of the Abbey of Jumièges cultivated vines. It is from the 17th century that the religious replace the vines with apple and pear trees. Plum and cherry trees among others will be implanted later.

The arboriculture requires a particular know-how, transmitted from generation to generation. It is important to know that an apple or cherry tree begins to produce flowers and fruit 3 to 4 years after it is planted.

On your bike ride, you will be able to discover much more than apple trees. Cherry, plum, currant, strawberry, raspberry or even black currant trees thrive along the paths.

Our favorite

Discovering Normandy by bike is necessarily to pass through the fruit route, appreciate the beauty of the landscapes and savor the Norman terroir. Our favorite is without hesitation the very special atmosphere of the fruit road.

The change of scenery is total. As soon as you leave the village of Jumièges, you will find yourself completely cut off from the world where time is set to the rhythm of the blossoming trees, the periods of the pickings to the songs of the birds.

Dive into the heart of Normandy in this green setting, well installed on your saddle, your hair in the wind and let yourself be guided from domain to domain.