La Bouille Seine à VéloLa Bouille Seine à Vélo
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Slow tourism in Rouen and its surroundings

What is slow tourism? This travel concept, which appeared in the early 2000s, consists of taking the time to discover a destination, to appreciate its landscapes at one’s own pace, while favoring nearby destinations and less polluting means of transportation. And that’s good timing, in Rouen and its surroundings we have everything you need to disconnect and enjoy your vacations without strict planning!

Bike rides

in the Normandy countryside

Slow tourism is also a desire to reduce one’s carbon footprint by favoring soft means of transportation and to get off the beaten path and away from overly crowded places. That’s why we offer you here three bike rides, which combine nature, sport and heritage! And all along the way, we test your knowledge…

And for the gourmands, pedal between the loops of the Seine and the orchards! A corner of paradise between Jumièges and Duclair, where time stops and curiosity begins…

So, saddle up?

Crossing the Seine in an eco-friendly way

Always with this goal of breaking away from the hectic pace of daily life, we take the opportunity to cross the river peacefully while admiring the banks of the Seine and the succession of bridges.

Located between the Gustave-Flaubert and Guillaume-le-Conquérant bridges,

the Calypso shuttle provides the crossing every day of the week. It respects the COP 21local approach committed to the territory since it has an electric motor powered by solar energy.