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Visit in 1 day

Rouen Tourism offers you the ideal program to visit Rouen in one day during a trip to France, a weekend in Normandy or a business trip. You will not miss the most important places in the capital of Normandy. Among the many heritages that Rouen possesses, it is impossible not to be amazed!

Between culture, history and art...

Rouen will delight you!

Rouen Tourism offers a unique program to help you experience the five heritages of the Norman capital. History, gastronomy, arts, nature and industry are declined in as many visits, experiences and activities to share with family, friends, after work, the weekend or the time of a stay on vacation. Let yourself be surprised…

A morning between impressionist masters and Joan of Arc

As soon as you arrive in Rouen, either by train at the SNCF rive Droite station or by car, we suggest you make a first stop at the Musée des Beaux-Arts.

It’s hard to survey the entire collections, but if you have to choose, we recommend the Depeaux Gallery and its collection of impressionist works by Claude Monet or Camille Pissaro. Note that admission to the Fine Arts Museum is free to access the permanent collections.

After admiring these masterpieces, head for the pedestrian streets of downtown Rouen to Rue Saint-Romain. Running alongside the Cathedral, it has been home to the John of Arc Memorial since 2015.

Installed in the archdiocese of the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Historial is the largest site of remembrance of Joan of Arc: a tribute brought to life by an impressive scenography relying on new technologies such as video mapping or holograms.

A lunch on the terrace in the historical center

After retracing the last hours of the journey of Jeanne d’Arc, enjoy the many squares with lively terraces in the historic heart of the Norman metropolis.

The Place de la Pucelle, the Place du 19 avril 1944, or near the Place Saint-Marc and of course the Place du Vieux Marché with its half-timbered houses, the Church of Sainte-Jeanne d’Arc and the atmosphere of the covered market are sites not to be missed out on for an authentic lunch. Discover a wide choice of restaurants on this famous square known to all Rouen residents: French gastronomy, local specialties, world cuisine…

An afternoon between the Seine and panoramas

As the lunch break ends, you will discover another face of the city by walking to the quays of the Seine and its industrial architecture

A popular area for Rouen residents, the quais de Seine are perfect for a long stroll between sheds rehabilitated as sports halls, restaurants or cafes and the cruise ships and barges that crisscross the Seine.

After this stroll along the river, get some height: head for the panorama of the Colline Sainte-Catherine. In just a few minutes by car or public transportation, you’ll have access to an unobstructed view of the entire city of Rouen and its surroundings.

If the weather permits, take a few steps down and sit on the grass for an unforgettable picnic with Rouen under a sunset as your backdrop.

Cathedral of light

Every summer, at dusk, the cathedral is transformed into a beautiful sound and light show. The themes change regularly, taking us into the epic of Joan of Arc, the Viking adventure or the impressionist movement. Collections always magical at the crossroads of history and modernity. The new technologies of these monumental projections make this giant of Rouen’s heritage vibrate. You will dream, eyes wide open!