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The interactive application Flaubert is not dead

If you have a dusty image of Flaubert, know that he was however far from being a “classic” writer! The Flaubert is not dead app is here to prove it to you! Top of the class or big rebel, loyal friend or licked bear, hard worker or scandal-ridden author … We let you go in the streets of Rouen with the app Flaubert is not dead to discover it!

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In thisfree and accessible to all app, we bring the author of Madame Bovary back to life. Through 8 must-see places that marked Flaubert’s life, answer the riddles and solve the challenges, then complete your knowledge with anecdotes and audio excerpts about the author’s life and works.

We are shooting the portrait
of our friend Gustave!

Once you arrive in front of the statue of Flaubert place des Carmes, the goal is to orient your phone well in order to photograph the writer and… to dress him in a contemporary way! Because if the writers of the time began to give a public image of themselves through photographic portraits, Flaubert was totally opposed to it!

  • The “gueuloir” test:
    The writer attached great importance to style and the beauty of the sentence. That’s why he would read his texts aloud to check the quality of the language. Your objective is therefore to pass the “gueuloir” test by loudly declaiming an excerpt of the author’s text.
  • The bust of Louis Bouilhet:
    Gustave Flaubert succeeded in having a monument erected in honor of his best friend Louis Bouilhet, who died in 1869. Once in front of his bust, you have to find the 5 differences with the image on the application! Be careful, you need to have an eye.

The Dictionary of Received Ideas

It’s an unfinished literary work by Flaubert that brings together definitions straight from his imagination. It tackles the clichés of French society with a wry sense of humor… Relating terms to their definition according to Flaubert is not so simple! In short, it’s an interactive tour on your own in the city to follow in Flaubert’s footsteps… But will you be able to answer all the riddles?

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