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Rouen's specialties & local products from Normandy

Want to taste the specialties of Rouen? Between gourmet pleasures and traditions, Rouen and the Seine Valley have managed to preserve their local specialties with local products, and develop them to the delight of gourmets.

Sweet and savory specialties of Rouen

It’s hard not to come in France and even more in Normandy without being tempted by one of the many products of the Norman soil or specialties of Rouen.Apple juice, cider, pommeau, calvados or even beers, Rouen and the Seine Valley offer a wide range of aperitifs or alcoholic beverages that you can discover and taste.

Chocolates, confectionery, cookies and other regional products await you during your stay in order to make you discover the traditional flavors and recipes of Normandy. Jeanne d’Arc tarms, Gros Horloge dial, Pavé du Vieux Marché, the 100 steeples, apple sugars or even shortbread cookies are all Rouen specialties that will satisfy your taste buds during your stay.

The Norman gastronomy to discover

Other than the specialties of Rouen, along the Seine, in summer, travel the fruit road on which small fruit producers and particulars will offer you cherries and plums on the side of the road (sale at the gate). Similarly, the cheese, apple and cider routes will whet the gustatory curiosity of the greediest.

From chocolate, apple, caramel or honey blossom specialties of Rouen and in the Seine Valley as the Douillon of Elbeuf orle Mirliton.

Take your taste buds on a journey and don’t hesitate to bring back a gourmet souvenir from Rouen, typical of the Norman gastronomy.