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Excursions from Rouen

Rouen, with its advantageous geographical position, serves as a hub for a multitude of exciting excursions. From the vibrant city of Paris to the historical Palace of Versailles and the picturesque village of Giverny, there is a wealth of cultural and scenic experiences awaiting visitors.


from Rouen

Here is a brief description of each attraction along with the distance in miles and kilometres from Rouen:

1. Paris : The iconic capital city of France, known for its fashion, art, and historic landmarks. Distance: 130 km (80.77 miles)

2. Palace of Versailles : A UNESCO World Heritage site and a major tourist attraction in France. Approximately 130 km (80.77 miles)

3. Giverny : Home to the famous gardens that inspired Impressionist painter Claude Monet. Approximately 50 km (31.07 miles)

4. The Fine Arts Museum of Rouen : One of France’s most impressive museums showcasing the great impressionist greats and other artists.

5. Notre-Dame Cathedral of Rouen : A stunning Gothic cathedral in the heart of Rouen painted over 30 times by Claude Monet.

6. Joan of Arc History Museum of Rouen : A museum dedicated to the history of Joan of Arc.

7. Atrium Saint-Maclou of Rouen : An architectural gem in Rouen.

8. Saint-Maclou Church of Rouen : A historic church in Rouen.

9. Saint Ouen Abbey of Rouen : A beautiful abbey with historical significance.

10. Ceramics Museum of Rouen : Museum showcasing ceramics art.

11. Wrought Ironwork Museum of Rouen : Museum highlighting wrought iron craftsmanship.

12. Museum of Antiquities and Natural History of Rouen : Museum featuring antiquities and natural history exhibits.

13. Monumental Cemetery – Rouen : A significant cemetery in Rouen.

14. English Military Cemetery Saint-Sever – Rouen : A cemetery honouring Allied military personnel from WWI & WWII

15. The Big Clock of Rouen : A notable landmark in Rouen, the “Gros Horloge”.

16. The Parliament of Normandy of Rouen : Historic building in Rouen.

17. Saint Joan of Arc Church of Rouen : Church dedicated to Joan of Arc.

18. Place du Vieux Marché of Rouen : Historic square in Rouen.

19. Joan of Arc Tower of Rouen : Tower associated with Joan of Arc.

20. Rouen City Centre : Vibrant centre offering shopping and dining experiences.

21. The Normandy Abbeys Trail : Scenic trail connecting various Norman abbeys.

22. Sainte-Catherine Hill Panorama of Rouen : Hill offering panoramic views of Rouen.

23. Seine Valley: Scenic valley along the Seine River near Rouen.

24. The Museum of Traditions and Arts of Normandy – château de Martainville : Museum showcasing Normandy’s cultural heritage. Approximately 17 km (10,5 miles)

25. Château Gaillard and Richard the Lionheart : Historic castle associated with Richard the Lionheart. Approximately 70 km (43.5 miles)

26. Lyons Laforêt : Picturesque village near Rouen. Approximately 60 km (37 miles)

27. Honfleur : Charming coastal town known for its picturesque harbour. Approximately 90 km (56 miles)

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