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Let's restore Saint-Ouen

It is a subject of infinite wonder. Its size, stained glass windows and organ make it a masterpiece. To preserve this jewel, a vast campaign of participatory financing is active since September 2021.

An exceptional heritage...

Located in the heart of downtown Rouen, it is a masterpiece of the radiant Gothic and an example of the boldness of 15th to 16th century architecture. Its framework constitutesone of the last “forests”of France since the fire of that of Notre Dame de Paris in April 2019. Its 80 exceptional stained glass windows form the richest collection of 14th and 15th century stained glass windows and its organ built by Cavaillé-Coll is among the most recorded in the world.
Unfortunately, this unique heritage in the world is in danger and requires urgent restoration if it is to be passed on to future generations. A vast campaign of participatory financing on the site Restaurons-SaintOuen.fr invites you to make a donation
and act in favor of saving the rose of the south transept. The goal is to reach 500,000 euros.
The rose has been deposited in a workshop for a restoration of all its motifs, then will be put back in place with a double canopy as protection.

An enthusiastic mobilization supported by Rouen Tourism

Many Rouen actors are mobilizing to raise funds. Rouen Tourism and its partners have multiplied the actions: dinner or picnic with the chefs of Toques rouennaises, charity auction, cocktails, pastries and local products with the effigy of the rose were sold for the benefit of the restoration. Since September 2021, more than €180,000 has been raised. Let’s continue the mobilization on restaurons-saintouen.fr
Go to the Tourist Office store to give yourself a little gift and save the heritage!