Saint-Maclou ChurchSaint-Maclou Church
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The Saint-Maclou district

Antique dealers at the Aître…

Very popular with Rouen residents and tourists alike, Rouen’s Saint-Maclou district, also known as the antique dealers’ district, stands out as a must-see site on your visit to Normandy.

Damiette Street

So coveted by antique dealers

Nothing like entering the Saint-Maclou district of Rouen via the rue Damiette. An emblematic address for its antique dealers, rue Damiette is the meeting place of many collectors or antique lovers in Normandy or in France. A shopping street, it welcomes antique dealers but also charming boutiques: violin makers, designers, restaurateurs and art galleries.

The wood-framed houses overhang the superb fronts of these stores and restaurants. The pedestrian street takes you from Place du Lieutenant Aubert and its view of the Saint-Ouen Abbey to Place Barthélémy and its view of the church of Saint-Maclou.
Sprinkled throughout the street, small narrow passages, symbolic of the organization of the streets in medieval times, will make you want to get lost and discover new treasures.

The church of Saint-Maclou

The heart of the district

It’s impossible to miss the lacy facade of the Saint-Maclou church when discovering this neighborhood. Renovated in 2013, the church reveals all the splendor of its Flamboyant Gothic architecture.

Its construction began in 1437. Dedicated to the Breton saint, Malo, the church of Saint-Maclou is famous for its western portal consisting of a five-sided porch. Severely damaged during World War II, today it is once again radiant with the whiteness of its stones and the finesse of its architectural details.

Open on Mondays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the Saint-Maclou church can be contemplated from the outside as well as the inside. Theterraces of nearby restaurants are ideal for enjoying a treat or sharing a coffee while taking in the beauty of the building.

Very photogenic, the Saint-Maclou church sees groups of tourists scrutinizing it every day to appreciate all its majesty.

The Saint-Maclou Oyster

A jewel of Rouen's heritage

After bypassing the church, discover an unusual place in Rouen: the Aître Saint-Maclou. A former plague cemetery in the Middle Ages, the Aître Saint-Maclou has long housed the regional school of Fine Arts.

Built between 1526 and 1533, the monument is composed of three galleries that surround the cemetery. As part of the “Heart of the Metropolis”project, the Aître has been renovated and has become a center for arts and crafts.