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In the skin of Joan of Arc...

In Rouen, her memory permeates the walls. An outstanding figure in French history, Joan has become a myth that has attracted international interest. Feel the pulse of La Pucelle’s last hours as you follow the path she took in the Normandy capital.

Its history...

Here you are in front of the keep. It is here, in this former tower of the Castle of Philip Augustus, that the story of La Pucelle in Rouen begins. After seven months of negotiations, the young woman was handed over to the English and taken to the city at Christmas 1430, before being tried for heresy, on February 9, 1431. The tour continues to the abbey church of Saint-Ouen, where the cemetery was the site of her abjuration.

By entering the cobbled streets, you then arrive at the Historial Jeanne d’Arc. Take the opportunity to discover this site, the largest dedicated to the memory of La Pucelle.Accessible to all, it offers, in an unprecedented way, an immersive tour-spectacle that recounts her
incredible fate. Within the archiepiscopal complex of the Cathedral of Rouen, you are on the very place where Joan’s two trials were held. She was, in fact, sentenced to the stake in 1431 and rehabilitated in 1456. It was at the request of her mother and with the agreement of the Pope that her rehabilitation trial was held twenty-five years after her death. One hundred and fourteen witnesses were then heard.

Continue on your way to the Old Market Square and its so typical atmosphere. Near the contemporary Sainte-Jeanne d’Arc church with its splendid stained glass windows, a cross stands on the very spot where La Pucelle was tortured. It was here that she was burned alive on May 30, 1431. The restaurant La Couronne, which is just opposite, is contemporary of the event. It is the oldest inn in France. Going up to the quays of the Seine, you will find a commemorative plaque at the entrance of the Boieldieu bridge. Jeanne’s ashes were thrown into the river there.



Jeanne in comics

Temporary exhibition at the historial devoted to comics “Joan of Arc, a graphic epic.”

From May 18. Free admission.


Fashion show

“Spring Summer 1431 Collection”
Fashion show in the era of Joan of Arc. Come see faithfully recreated outfits from 15th century fashion in a modern, quirky atmosphere.
May 20. 2:00, 3:30, 5:00 and 6:30 pm. Free admission.