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Visit by bike

Try renting a bike in Rouen to discover the capital of Normandy.
Want to explore the quays of Rouen, escape to the Seine Valley on the Route des Abbayes or the colorful Route des Fruits? There’s nothing better than getting on a bike, hair in the wind, and taking your time to ride through the magnificent landscapes of the Normandy bocage.


Where to rent bikes in Rouen

Our tips and advice

Discover our bike rental service in Rouen and Jumièges as well as the different soft mobility offers in Rouen and the surrounding communes.

Rouen Tourism

Classic, electric and children's bike rentals

Rouen Tourisme offers, at its Offices de Tourisme de Rouen et Jumièges, the rental of classic, electric and children’s bicycles. Rent for ½ day or a whole day and set off to discover Rouen’s heritage.

Biking, a fun means of transport and ideal for apprehending the many hiking trails, the Route des Fruits or the Route des Abbayes running alongside the Seine.


Self-service bike rental

Cy’clic is a self-service bicycle rental system. The subscriptions range from 1 day,7 days, six months or a year. The first half hour is systematically free whatever your subscription. Rouen has 28 stations spread around the city center.

Stride the many cycle lanes and make the most of your time in Rouen to stay in shape while discovering the city from a different point of view.


Long-term bike rental

Lovélo is along-term rental service, available all year round, for major residents of the Rouen Normandie Metropole. Thanks to Lovélo, you can try out cycling at an attractive rate. Once rented, your bike is at your disposal at all times for all your trips!

Different types of bikes are available depending on your needs: electric-assist, folding, extended electric-assist, mechanical cargo or mechanical cargo bikes with tub.

Several bike circuits are on offer, such as Rouen > La Bouille, Rouen > Elbeuf, the Route des Moulins along the Robec or the Parcs et Jardins. These tours are an opportunity to discover or rediscover the Metropole’s territory!

We hope you enjoy your strolls!


We hope you enjoy your outings!