Abbey of Saint-Martin-de-BoschervilleThe abbey of Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville
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Spirituality and landscapes

From Rouen to Mont-Saint-Michel, discover these majestic buildings that line the route of the Abbeys and remind us of the wealth of Normandy in the Middle Ages: Saint-Ouen Abbey in Rouen, Saint-Georges de Boscherville Abbey, Jumièges Abbey, Saint-Wandrille Abbey, Montivilliers Abbey or Notre-Dame du Bec-Hellouin Abbey.

The abbeys' road

Take the route des abbayes that crisscrosses the Parc Régional des Boucles de la Seine, at the gates of Rouen. Jumièges, nicknamed “the most beautiful ruin in France” and Saint-Georges de Boscherville follow each other like a rosary in a green setting, amidst orchards, along the curves of the river. They bear witness to the rich monastic past of the territory and the majesty of Norman Romanesque art. The surrounding landscapes are breathtaking. An escape that is as spiritual as it is bucolic, where history and legends meet.

Just like the fruit route, the abbeys route will allow you to visit Rouen and its Seine valley with a thematic red thread. Numerous hiking trails connect the religious buildings. The route of the abbeys as the paths of Compostela or of the Mont-Saint-Michel are original ideas for discovering Normandy in a different way.

This touristic circuit will enthrall the lovers of spirituality, hiking, but also the lovers of architecture. Following the loops of the Seine, here is a very good reason to take your suitcase and tour a part of the unknown Normandy the time of a weekend, a vacation or a stay.

The abbeys around Rouen

Norman abbeys are three in number on the territory of the Rouen Metropolis. They are the witness to the medieval spiritual wealth still present in Normandy. The abbeys route, through this itinerary retraces the route of these religious buildings along the loops of the Seine, with the city of Rouen as the starting point. Go along the Seine, on foot, by bike or by car and travel the road of the abbeys to the loop of Jumièges to discover these unmissable monuments.

The Saint-Ouen abbey

Old Benedictine monastery

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the magnificence of the abbey church of Saint-Ouen de Rouen, at the foot of the Hôtel-de-Ville and its gardens. A masterpiece of radiant Gothic, it is the brightest church in the city with its immense stained glass windows that constitute the richest collection of 14th-century stained glass in France.

The Saint-Georges de Boscherville abbey

Jewel of the Romanesque art

Nature lovers will be delighted by the 4 ha of green spaces that make up the garden of the abbey Saint-Georges de Boscherville. It offers the reconstruction of a Maurist garden all in terraces, offering a remarkable view of the Romanesque abbey church, one of the most prestigious in Normandy, and the village.

The abbey of Jumièges

Jewel of the Seine Valley

Described asthe most beautiful ruin in France by Victor Hugo, the abbey of Jumièges is a must-see in the loops of the Seine. Discover its two huge Romanesque towers and its roofless, but majestic nave. The park houses the remains of a Carolingian church plundered by the Vikings, and a 17th-century abbey dwelling turned exhibition space.

The guide of the abbeys in Normandy

To best prepare your family, solo or even group outing… on the theme of abbeys, a discovery guide is available.
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