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Rouen, UNESCO creative city

In the land of cider, cheese and scallops, culinary generosity is a feast. We celebrate it from basket to plate, from Normandy orchards to the world’s great tables, since Rouen holds the Unesco Creative City gastronomic label.

Gastronomic capital of Normandy

A table rouennaise is an experience in itself. Gourmand and generous, it has the flavor of Normandy bocages, the color of fruits from the Seine Valley and the warmth of milk harvested from farms in the surrounding area. Rouen’s chefs have brought all the freshness of their creativity to these Norman delights, and the city celebrates the richness of its gastronomic heritage every year at the Fête du ventre, a joyous, family-friendly festival. Get your taste buds ready, it’s Rouen’s treat!

In the belly of Rouen

Mmhh… good Normandy cheeses, crème fraîche, scallops, cider, Calvados, Pommeau… these are just a few Normandy specialties that are still a hit. Rouen’s chefs work them in the tradition and revisit them with delight. Step into the one of the many restaurants that liven up the town and enjoy!”

Every year, the fête du ventre livens up the town and brings together all food lovers! Local producers and artisans showcase local produce over a weekend punctuated by numerous festivities.

From basket to plate

Ever heard of the route des fruits? In a loop of the Seine, between Notre-Dame-de Bliquetuit and Duclair, stretch colorful vergers where apple, pear and cherry trees enjoy a particularly favorable microclimate. Grab your basket, we can buy fruit “at the gate” and chat with the producers.

Le Club des Toques

The Club des toques brings together the greatest chefs and artisans from Rouen, both experienced and eager to showcase the art de déguster à la française. So it’s easy to find a list of excellent gourmet restaurants!

A history of cider.... and Norman beer

Apples, apples… but not just apples! Of course, cider is the Norman drink par excellence. Numerous producers open their vergers and cidrerie to introduce you to the making of this local beverage, which today can be enjoyed as an aperitif as well as an accompaniment to meats and, of course, desserts. The Pommeau, which ages in oak, is a Normandy aperitif made from cider must and Calvados. Drink it chilled!

Dialogue between historical heritage and gastronomy

A beer in a church? A lunch in a medieval art gem? In Rouen, gastronomy is inseparable from the rich presence of historic monuments. Take a seat on the Place du Vieux-Marché surrounded by its wood-framed houses and enjoy the animation of this historic quarter with a drink on the terrace.