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The best Norman recipes

Would you like to taste the specialties of Rouen? Between gourmet pleasures and traditions, Rouen and the Seine Valley have managed to preserve their local specialties with local products, and develop them for the greatest pleasure of gourmets. We list here the most delicious Norman recipes. Your taste buds will quiver with pleasure!

Rouen Gourmande

Go on a journey of discovery of Norman cooking recipes. Rouen, capital of Normandy, is home to many local producers and local products that gourmet chefs use on a daily basis. There are traditional recipes such as the Mirliton, the Douillon d’Elbeuf or the duck with blood also called duck à la rouennaise. These specialties of Rouen or the Seine Valley are to be discovered on the spot or made at home thanks to the recipes of Norman cuisine.
An additional reason to come to Rouen and discover incomparable flavors…

Duck à la Rouennaise or duck in blood

Specialty of the Seine Valley,duck à la rouennaise is the “dish” unavoidable during your stay. Inspired by the famous recipe of Father Denise, a former innkeeper of Duclair,your duckling will be entirely prepared in front of you by the chef.

Norman recipe for apple pie

When passing in Normandy for a vacation or a weekend, your palate will most certainly cross the road of the famous apple pie.Every house, every village, every town has its version of the apple pie.

We offer you a 100% Norman recipe to make an apple pie and surprise your guests for a successful snack or dessert.

The Douillon of Elbeuf

The Douillon d’Elbeuf is a local specialty based on apples and puff pastry that gradually disappeared from the windows and tables of the region. The Chamber of Commerce and Territorial Industry (CCIT) of Elbeuf has decided to bring the recipe back into fashion.

The Mirliton of Rouen

Specialty of the city of Rouen, discover the mirliton, a tartlet to be enjoyed warm or cold, filled with a cream flavored with vanilla, orange blossom and almonds.