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What to see near Rouen

With its exceptional heritage, Rouen is a city full of charm and treasures. But very close to Rouen, in the Seine Valley, are hidden many architectural jewels and natural wonders that you must discover without further delay.

Breathtaking landscapes...

Rouen and its metropolis have so much to offer you!

The loops of the Seine

Rich and unique landscapes

A mythical river, the Seine winds its way from Havre to Paris, inevitably passing through Rouen, where it is an integral part of the city with its six bridges spanning it. Along the territory of the metropolis, it forms loops and offers breathtaking landscapes!

The Boucles de la Seine regional park is an invitation to stroll, whether you are on a bike, on foot, by car or by boat on a cruise. The Seine will surprise you with its reflections, its changing colors depending on the light of the sky and all this nature that abounds around it. Don’t miss the pretty villages that border it such as La Bouille, Jumièges, Orival or Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville.

Discover Elbeuf

A rich industrial past

Located south of Rouen, Elbeuf enjoys a beneficial environment between Seine and forests. Its many facilities enhance it: cirque-theater, museum, cinema, media library, sports facilities…

Don’t hesitate to come and visit the Knowledge Factory, which offers multiple interesting exhibitions. A good idea for a family outing!

The abbeys' road

Between spirituality and landscapes

The Route des Abbayes passes through the territory of the Rouen metropolis where three abbeys stand proudly: the abbey of Saint-Ouen, theabbaye Saint-Pierre de Jumièges and the abbaye Saint-Georges de Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville. While the first one is in Rouen itself, next to the Hôtel de Ville, the other two are located in the Seine Valley and are worth a visit.

You will marvel at thesemajestic witnesses to the past, surrounded by green and imbued with serenity.

The fruit road

Between colors and flavors

Starting from Notre-Dame de Bliquetuit, come and meet the producers of apples, pears, plums and other red fruits while walking the fruit route.

As soon as spring arrives, walk along the Seine and admire a colored show with the trees in bloom. You can even buy the fruits that will make you want to and taste themgourmet walk guaranteed!”


Forests and forest houses

Education in the heart of nature

Around Rouen lie several forests, true green lungs of the metropolis. A few minutes from Rouen, find yourself in the heart of nature. The Verte state forests, La Londe-Rouvray and Roumare have been awarded the label Exceptional forest.

Whether you are athletic or not, you will undoubtedly find a hike that suits you to explore the forests and villages that border them. On foot, on horseback or by bike, there are several ways to discover theSeine Valley.

The Parc animalier de Roumare allows for a pleasant stroll among the fauna and flora: you’ll meet wild boars, fallow deer and hinds in semi-liberty on your way.

Forest housesin Orival and Darnétal frequently offer activities to have fun and discover the secrets of forests and their animals.

The leisure centres

To have fun with family and friends

Are you looking for a place to combine nature and activities? Opt for the leisure bases of Mesnil-sous-Jumièges, Poses and Bédanne. Relax in one of these green settings or do a sporting activity such as tree climbing, boating or paddle boarding.

On sunny days, you can even cool off there. The leisure bases are ideal places to enjoy the good weather, rest or have fun.