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The Seine

The Seine is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world and is inseparable from life in Rouen. By bike, on foot or by boat, it can be discovered along the water, from the quays of the Norman capital to the Regional Natural Park of the Boucles de la Seine Normande.

It gives rhythm to our daily life...

By turns recreational, playful and voluptuous, the Seine is a living artery. Sail its waves, survey its orchard-lined loops and admire its curves from breathtaking vistas. During the Armada, the world’s most beautiful ships gather here. Be at the dock!

The Seine by bike

From Saint-Pierre-lès-Elbeuf to Le Trait, this developed route follows the curves of the river, between Norman bocage, forest spaces and urbanized sites. One savors the diversity of landscapes and the richness of the historical and natural heritage of Normandy at the pace of the water. Whether you are seasoned cyclists or amateurs, the path is accessible and marked and allows contemplative stops. This route, which crosses the Rouen Metropolis over a hundred kilometers and 22 municipalities, represents a strong axis of the device that goes from Paris to Le Havre. You are, here, on the land of the famous Norman cyclist Jacques Anquetil, five-time winner of the Tour de France. So, try the adventure, and take your two-wheeler to the sea!

Cruise on the water

Board the Escapade or the Lutece for a special moment on the river. Commented visit of Rouen from the Seine, cruise towards La Bouille, Duclair or Oissel, lunch and dinner on board or escapade in one of the charming villages of the river loops, cruise and guinguette … there is something for everyone and several options are possible. Let yourself be carried away, these moments are happy interludes to be savored in complete tranquility. They are also a different way of discovering the Norman shores in complete safety.

Picking with a chef

In one of the most beautiful meanders of the Seine, in the shadow of the beautiful Jumièges, you go foraging with gourmet chef Christophe Mauduit who elaborates his cuisine based on local wild plants. They have, here, natural flavors of which the chef will reveal you the gustatory potential. That’s because they grow in the grounds of the abbey of Jumièges. Visit this jewel of Norman Romanesque architecture after having lunch at the Auberge des Ruines. The day is exceptional in this fascinating setting where the Seine, below, still watches over. (Jumièges, the secrets of a chief and an abbey. Lunch, visit and picking)

The most beautiful ships in the world at the Armada

It’san open-air spectacle, the most important event in the maritime world. During the Armada, the most beautiful ships on the planet drop anchor in the Norman capital for a celebration that attracts millions of visitors. Every four to five years, the quays of Rouen arethe center of the nautical world. In a friendly and lively atmosphere, the public rubs shoulders with the 6,000 sailors, attends concerts, parades, fireworks and discover the bowels of these great ships.

Sports en Seine

Let’s go for a hike at Orival, on the left bank of the Seine, between Rouen and Elbeuf. Natural caves and troglodyte houses punctuate the route.Why not take a canoe and enjoy the Austreberthe River, a tributary of the Seine? Another activity that combines sport and nature.A Belbeuf, the canoeing club also offers to discover the Seine and its surroundings in dragon boat, stand-up paddle, kayak and geocaching, treasure hunting with GPS. The leisure bases of Mesnil-sous-Jumièges and Bédanealso nestle in two meanders of the river and offer all sorts of sports activities.

River boating and Normandy ferries

On the right bank of the Seine, in the Barillon dock of the Saint-Gervais basin, the Rouen marina and wintering facility is an ideal starting point to discover Rouen,its port industry and the river valley. It can accommodate about a hundred boats on floating pontoons with catways in a secure space. A launching ramp, a careening area to maintain the boats, a fuel station and electrical terminals, water supply and wifi connection on the pontoons facilitate the arrival of boaters. The Seine Valley is also known for its ferries that take pedestrians and vehicles from one side of the river to the other. Take the river crossing, it’s unusual!

The most beautiful panoramas of the loops of the Seine

Admire the curvesserene and voluptuous of the Seine from the many vistas that line the valley. From above, the view is splendid. From the castle of Robert le Diable, one enjoys an imposing view over the Seine valley and the forest of La Londe-Rouvray. The Saint Auct coast, on the Elbeuf side, guarantees a striking show on the river ribbon and its wooded islands. In Duclair and Barneville-sur-Seine, several viewpoints revealthe fruit road and the fabulous Jumièges. The show is unique and grandiose!

Unusual route in Duclair

Located between the chalk cliffs and the Seine, Duclair is a town full of charm for visitors. Close to Rouen, in the Seine valley, take the time to discover the history of Duclair and to meet its inhabitants during a new unusual tour.