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Tour of the Port of Rouen

Board the boat La Lutèce, embark on a tour of the port of Rouen.
Discover the development of the port, the quays, but also the built and industrial heritage that litter the banks of the Seine. This one and a half hour walk along the Seine amidst container ships, cranes and other silos will allow you to enjoy unique views in the heart of Europe’s leading grain exporting port.


The quays of the Seine and its hangars

Welcomed by the crew on the Jehan Ango pier, located near the sheds on the right bank, climb aboard and settle in on the boat’s floor in an open but covered space to sail with your hair blowing in the wind.

From the very first minutes of the cruise, let yourself be guided by the commentator, who will introduce you to the great port of Rouen as a whole. Take the sailboat route from the Armada to the Wilhelm the Conqueror Bridge, while enjoying the view of the string of bridges spanning the Seine, the quays on stilts and their Eiffel construction sheds (restaurants, bars, gyms, offices) or the 106 and its Picasso cranes. The river part of the port allows you to reach Paris by barge in 20 hours (245 km).

The Saint-Gervais basin

We’re off to starboard todiscover the Saint-Gervais basin.Before reaching the maritime part, we pass under the Gustave Flaubert bridge and contemplate its lifting deck and its holding platforms of 1500 tons each.

Once in the Saint-Gervais basin, we discover the floating dock inaugurated in 1928 which allows the restoration of ships, the wine cellar (the largest in Europe) witnessing the former activity of the pine port of Rouen or the marina and its 80 moorings. The western part of the basin will allow you to understand the jobs of the dockers and to discover the different sectors of activity present in the port (agri-food, forest products or containers and various goods).

The Seine Valley

After passingthe turning zone (wider area of the Seine allowing ships to make a U-turn), you will sail towards the estuary (Rouen – Honfleur: 120 km and 6 hours by boat). You will see the old town hall annex of Canteleu, a small replica of the town hall of Stockholm, the Pavillon Flaubert, the last residence of the famous writer, the Sainte-Barbe convent and its former troglodyte part, but also the old bourgeois residences or the mushroom caves that border the Seine.


Our favorite

Touring the port of Rouen provides access to views impossible from land. It allows you to get up close and personal with ships of more than 150 meters long, during the loading or unloading of goods, to grasp the working environment of the port’s actors and to apprehend the daily life of this city within the city.

After a second passage under the sixth bridge of Rouen, return to the pier. Guided by the tide gauges on the right bank, the commentator lets us enjoy this unique view of the Capital of Normandy to close this 1.5-hour commented stroll onthe Seine between maritime and river waters.