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The restaurants

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Rouen? During a stay or a visit, Rouen offers you a wide choice of gustatory discoveries: next to the train station, in the historical center of Rouen, on the terrace, on the left bank or the right bank and whatever your budget.

Rouen Tourism guides you to discover the best restaurants in Rouen and the Seine Valley: gourmet, Michelin-starred, traditional, hotel-restaurants, brasseries, salad bars, crêperies, fast food, world cuisine, organic, homemade, or even local Normandy.

5 romantic restaurants

Looking for the perfect table for a romantic dinner,discover 5 romantic restaurants in Rouen that will offer an idyllic setting.Dinner cruises, private rooms, views of the Seine or even unusual places, Rouen and the Seine Valley offer restaurants that will delight couples in search of romance.

Where to find a good restaurant in Rouen

Renowned for its gastronomy,Normandy seduces, among other things, by the diversity and excellence of its local products… and Rouen is no exception to the rule! Whether you’re looking for a charming address for a lunch with girlfriends ora refined restaurant for a romantic dinner, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in Rouen. Here are a few hints on how to find a good restaurant in Rouen, according to your tastes and desires.

The best terraces in Rouen

When the sun comes out, what could be better than sitting on the terraces in Rouen and having lunch or just sipping a drink? We all dream about it! But where to go in Rouen to enjoy this moment of relaxation?

5 places to eat vegetarian in Rouen

More and more people are choosing to be vegetarian or to reduce their meat consumption.To adapt to this demand, restaurants, brasseries and other eateries are offering more dishes without meat or fish. Here are 5 places where to enjoy vegetarian food in Rouen.