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Portrait of a chef

Thierry Demoget

A family history runs through this beautiful address on Rouen’s left bank. After his father and grandfather, Thierry Demoget distills his originality into the great classics of French cuisine.


Les Capucines

Thierry Demoget

Enthusiastic and debonair,Terry Demoget is one of those chefs who live cooking on a daily basis, without putting it on a pedestal, concocting his recipes between two games of tennis or tackling the stoves in a musical atmosphere.

“The most beautiful moments of my life? The births of my daughter and granddaughter and the day I decided to take over the family restaurant,” he assures without detour, recalling that year 2000 when, encouraged by his future wife, he said yes to the Capucines and his gastronomic heritage.

He thus revisits French dishes, lightening the sauces and energizing the flavors. You have to be tempted by his scallops and their velvety pumpkin and truffle oil, his crispy sweetbreads with zingara sauce, passed down for three generations, and taste the joyful simplicity of his fine apple and salted butter caramel tart that regulars of this elegant address ask for without getting tired.

Master Canardier

A family tradition that continues

Thierry Demoget is one of the last seinomarine chefs to offer blood duck on his menu. “I inherited the press from my father and am happy to perpetuate this Rouen specialty.

“Smothered and cooked in the oven or on the spit, the duck is then cut up while the carcass is pressed to recover the blood and make the sauce. A know-how that he has passed on to his collaborator, Elodie Fauqueux, the only female member of the Maîtres canardiers in France and who makes the chef proud.

“In this profession where you are judged every day and right away, you have to know how to keep the sense of sharing and pleasure.”

Practical information

  • Les Capucines
    16, rue Jean Macé
    76140 Le Petit-Quevilly
    02 35 72 62 34
  • Hours:
    Tuesday through Saturday from 12pm to 2pm and from 7:45pm to 9:15pm
  • Prices:
    Menus from 34€