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Portrait of a chef

Olivier Da Silva

He played on the initials of his name to name his restaurant. And rightly so, because the starred chef practices a committed and intuitive cuisine, as rigorous as it is liberated.

The Odas

Olivier Da Silva

Olivier Da Silva has a maverick yet laid-back side, convinced that cooking is a school of rigor and perseverance but that it can be practiced without taking oneself too seriously. Originally from Lille, he has kept from his mother, a cook, and his father, a butcher, the taste for work.

“At 15, I gave a hand in a restaurant that my parents knew. The pace was fast but I was immediately hooked.”

After sharpening his knives betweenNormandy and Belgium, he earned a first star, in 2010, while officiating at the restaurant Les Jardins d’Épicure, in Val-d’Oise. He then decided to open his own address in Rouen with refined cuisine that made him reach the star again.

Let us guide you

Dining at Olivier Da Silva’s is about learning to let go.The blind menus invite you to let yourself be carried away by the chef’s intuition and taste his mood of the day.

“Without playing the surprise card at all costs, I like to take my guests where they would never have gone. I receive them as in a private dinner where one discovers the menu and thus provokes exchange.

His cuisine is free, chiseled according to the arrivals, playing with bitterness and roundness. The product is a raw material with infinite flavors that the chef models from day to day. Just watch him at work, behind the glass window of his restaurant. In a stolen passageway just a stone’s throw from the cathedral, his establishment ismost intimate. The terrace offers a quiet space and an annex of the restaurant, in a private lounge, enjoys one of the most beautiful views of the cathedral.

Practical information

  • L’Odas
    4, passage Maurice Lenfant
    76000 Rouen
    02 35 73 83 24
  • Schedules
    Tuesday through Saturday from 12pm to 2pm and from 7:30pm to 9:30pm
  • Price
    In a pinch – €36
    Take your time in 4 courses – €59
    Take your time in 6 courses – €79