The Little Umbrellas (18)The Little Umbrellas (18)
©The Little Umbrellas (18)

Portrait of a chef

Marc Andrieu

His cuisine smells of the market and local products, chosen with a discerning eye and an ever curious palate. For nearly forty years, Marc Andrieu has been cooking with greed at the Petits Parapluies.

The Little Umbrellas

Marc Andrieu

He has made this gourmet restaurant a den of Rouen tradition, loving nothing more than sincerity in the plates.

My cooking is authentic, like me. With the years of experience, comes the time for simplicity, beautiful and tasty.

No artifice, then, but associations of controlled flavors and the desire to reconnect with the essential. Witness his Dieppe scallops and their Jerusalem artichoke risotto, spiked with tonka bean and a bard-based sauce, or his cider-lacquered pork cheeks with sliced vegetables. A little spice, a few herbs and the pleasure of the fresh product jumps into your mouth.

A la carte of the seasons

The desserts are equally enticing, between lemon meringue blossom or fig tart with almond cream and vanilla ice cream.

“The fresh fig? My guilty pleasure. But only in season!”

Here, the key word is indeed respect for the rhythm of nature to which the chef is attached, talking daily with local producers.

Passed through the kitchens of the starred Jean-Michel Lorain and Jacques Maximin, Marc Andrieu has kept a rigorous technicality from them, and has traced, since then, his Rouen voice, supported by his wife, Gisèle. They welcome their guests in a classic and warm atmosphere, under the Norman half-timberings, and also develop takeaway sales. In the heart of Rouen, onthe Place de la Rougemare, freshly renovated and pleasantly wooded, this “little corner of umbrella” is a guaranteed paradise.

Practical information

  • Les Petits Parapluies
    46 rue Bourg l’Abbé
    Place de la Rougemare
    76000 Rouen
    02 35 88 55 26
    06 88 70 20 02
  • Schedules
    Tuesday through Friday, 12:00 to 1:45 pm and 7:45 to 10:00 pm
    Saturday 7:45 to 10:00 pm and Sunday 12:00 to 1:45 pm

  • Prices
    Menus between 29€ and 67€