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Portrait of a chef

Laurent Blanchard

Laurent Blanchard has risen to the challenge of moving from a gourmet restaurant to this chic bistro where he brings his culinary experience to every dish.

In Situ

Laurent Blanchard

We might as well say it right away, the plates are of beautiful bills in this café-restaurant with the appearance of modern and cozy bistro. This is because Laurent Blanchard opened this address in downtown Rouen, after having held, for eleven years, a gastronomic establishment of the most frequented, Le Saint-Pierre, in the charming village of La Bouille. So the technique is there and is felt in dishes quite affordable! The chef has turned to bistronomy with success, supported by his wife Patricia and arranging a clear, uncluttered and harmonious atmosphere, a few steps from the Museum of Fine Arts. He presents neat dishes and gourmet, not hesitating to associate the terroir with the gustatory surprise.

Products in the spotlight

We always work with local producers. The Houssaye farm in Epaignes for ducks, Christophe Cressent and his Rouen bread, the Ruffaux farm in Bouquetôt for organic vegetables …

To whet your appetite, there’s nothing like the Belmesnil potato velouté with its fricassee of chanterelles and smoked duck breast. Unless you are tempted by the mackerel with rhubarb, before succumbing to the chocolate pie and its red fruits.

In the sunny hours, the terrace that adjoins the square Verdrel is a nice invitation to have a coffee or a refreshing drink. Between the museum district and the historic streets of Rouen, you are well in situ, vibrating to the pulse of the Norman capital.

Practical information

  • In Situ
    35 rue Jean Lecanuet
    76000 Rouen
    02 35 88 93 48
  • Hours
    Monday to Friday 8:30am to 10pm
    Saturday 12pm to 10pm

  • Prices
    Musages from 14,50€