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The Toques of Rouen valley of the Seine

Created on the initiative of the Tourist Office, the Club des Toques de Rouen vallée de Seine invites the best restaurateurs with at least 7 years of experience to preserve our gastronomic heritage and to become ambassadors of our destination beyond the borders of Rouen, the Seine Valley and Normandy.

The Toques of Rouen valley of the Seine

A unique know-how with our local products

Impossible to be picky

Aligning the flavors of the sea with those of the land, these “Toqués” are making the reputation of the best establishments in Rouen and the Seine Valley. From traditional cuisine to the composition of more inventive menus, the menus offered by these chefs amaze the palates of the finest gourmets.
In addition to offering regional cuisine based on local products and prepared at home, the restaurateur is also committed totransferring his know-how, developing a policy of welcome and quality service. The unavoidable Rouen-style duck but also the refined and creative dishes will delight your taste buds.
With Michelin-starred establishments and restaurants recognized by the greatest gastronomic guides, the Toques de Rouen vallée de Seine club is an obvious answer to the question: where to eat in Rouen?