Sublime House - RouenSublime House - Rouen
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La Maison Sublime,

when mystery and rarity meet

A visit to the Maison Sublime is a must for all archaeology enthusiasts and curious visitors to Rouen. Reopened in 2022, almost 40 years after its discovery and 9 centuries after its construction, this monument has yet to reveal all its secrets. Was it a rabbinical school, a place of prayer, a dwelling house? Even today, the mystery remains.

Oldest Jewish monument

known in France

A Romanesque building dating from the 12th century, this the oldest surviving Jewish monument in Europe has undergone conservation work and improved visitor conditions. A new museography featuring some twenty illustrated panels accompanies the discovery of the site by a guide-lecturer.

"May this house be sublime"

Here’s one of the Hebrew graffiti engraved on the stones of this monument built around 1100. Rediscovered in 1976 beneath the courtyard of the Rouen courthouse, its remains then never ceased to fuel debate as to its original use. Rabbinical school, private residence or synagogue, even today the mystery remains.

The Maison sublime is a Romanesque ashlar building. Although its function is not clear-cut, the presence of Hebrew graffiti engraved on its walls confirms its membership of Rouen’s Jewish community.

The Maison sublime is architectural testimony to an important part of the city’s history, that of medieval Judaism. From the 11th to the early 14th century, Rouen’s Jewish community played a major role in the city’s economic, intellectual and spiritual development.

An exceptional visit, unique in France

Accompanied by a tour guide, in an intimate atmosphere conducive to immersion, this unique monument is finally revealed to visitors today for an exceptional tour.

Come and discover the archeological crypt housing this unique building in France, which bears witness to the settlement of the Jewish community in Rouen since the 11th century.

Every Saturday at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm.
Additional visits during school vacations (zone B) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:30 pm.

The purpose of the association “La Maison Sublime de Rouen” is to work towards the conservation, reopening to the public and enhancement of the rabbinical school of Rouen, as well as its inclusion in UNESCO’s World Heritage List; to deepen knowledge of medieval Judaism and work towards the creation of a museum dedicated to it ; to encourage dialogue between cultures and religions on the basis of reciprocal knowledge of each; to publish any document, organize any event and carry out any action, nationally and internationally, in line with this corporate purpose.