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Christmas logA tradition of Norman origin

Recipe of Buche de Noel normande

The origin of the Yule log recipe is a real branch of wood. Originating from a Nordic custom, in Normandy, all household occupants, family and servants, were gathered around a real wooden log called the “Chuquet”.

This was blessed by the patriarch before being purified by fire. It was supposed to burn for 3 days in a row. This tradition is carried out particularly in Normandy. In the 1940s, with the disappearance of fireplaces, the custom was lost. Over time, the log became a dessert.


The ingredients

of the recipe

To make a Norman Christmas log with vanilla applesauce, caramel and dry cookies, you will need:

Preparation: 40mn | Cooking: 35mn | Freezing: 5h minimum

Ingredients for the vanilla apple mousse:

  • 5 apples
  • 3cs caster sugar
  • 2cc vanilla powder
  • 3 leaves gelatine
  • 30cl full-fat liquid cream
  • 50g icing sugar

Ingredients for the caramel insert:

  • 180g caster sugar
  • 15cl full-fat liquid cream
  • 115g butter

Ingredients for the cookie:

  • 1 packet Petit Brun de Lu
  • 50g butter


the Norman Yule log

Preparation for 6 persons

  1. To prepare your caramel, pour the sugar into a saucepan and melt until you obtain a blond caramel. Add the butter and previously cooled cream, then stir briskly until the mixture thickens. Leave to cool completely, then pour the cold caramel into cling film to roll into a sausage shape. Place in the freezer.
  2. Continue with the preparation of the apple mousse. Peel, core and dice the apples. Cook them with the sugar, a little water and 1cc vanilla powder, then leave to stew. Next, place the gelatine in a large bowl of cold water.
  3. When the compote is ready, you can add the wrung-out gelatine and stir, then leave the mixture to cool completely.
  4. Mix the liquid cream into a chantilly, pouring in 1cc of vanilla powder and the powdered sugar at the end so it can set. Mix the chantilly gently with the cold compote to finish this preparation.
  5. To make the biscuit, crush the cookies with a rolling pin and mix with the melted butter. Melt the butter and mix intimately with the powdered cookies.
  6. Finish assembling the Norman Yule log by pouring half the apple mousse into a mold, place in the freezer for 10 minutes, then place the caramel insert stripped of the film and cover with the remaining mousse and crushed cookies. Film and leave in the freezer overnight.

Good tasting

Recipe: gousses2vanille.canalblog.com