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The Rouen Tourism team

Rouen Tourism has 30 employees and almost as many jobs. General public and professionals, many people call on the Tourist Office for a request for information, advice or assistance.

Discover the backstage of the Rouen Normandy Metropolis Tourist Office and the different missions it responds to.

Our missions

  • The reception and information of tourists.
  • The tourism promotion of Metropole Rouen Normandy in France and abroad.
  • The participation in the implementation of the tourism policy of Metropole Rouen Normandy.
  • The marketing of tourism products.
  • The implementation of tools to assess the tourism policy and measure the tourism activity.
  • The contribution to the coordination of interventions of various partners of local tourism development, consistent with all institutional partners.

Presidency and General Management

Christine of Cintré
Delphine Crocq
Executive Director

Welcome and advise

If you walk through the door of one of the two Tourist Office information offices in Rouen or Jumièges or through the cruise terminal at the port of Rouen, you will meet one of the seven stay advisors who welcome our visitors each year.

The job of a stay counselor is not only to welcome and inform tourists in several languages, but also to be able to propose activities, programs of visits and animations according to the requests of each.

A store offering local products and specialties also allows the stay counselors to offer you to leave Rouen with souvenirs full of luggage.


The information of a visitor to the Tourist Office is very often done through a brochure, a map, a guide or a website. To do this, the team of the Communication Department of the Tourist Office creates, updates and publishes a wide range of brochures, leaflets and flyers for all individual and professional audiences.

The website and social media profiles are managed by the Tourist Office’s team of communicators with the goal of enticing, informing and exchanging with Internet users about the Rouen Normandy destination.

To promote Rouen and its Seine Valley, the national and international press departmentworks closely with institutions and tourism providers to welcome journalists or carry out press assistances as well as numerous influencers in Rouen such as bloggers, instagramers or youtubers.

To carry out these multiple missions, nothing would be possible without the work set up by the marketing department with all the tourist actors members of the Tourist Office. The presentation of the services offered by the Tourist Office, the collection of practical information from each establishment and the animation of this network of professionals are taken care of by the team of the Marketing department.

Promote and market the local tourist offer

The Tourist Office represents Rouen and its Seine Valley throughout the world. The communication and commercial department increases the image and notoriety of our territory at trade shows. In line with trends, it approaches new tourists by participating in actions in previously selected countries or by organizing the visit of Tour Operators, tour operators or coach operators.

The Conventions Office, for its part, is responsible for facilitating the hosting of professional events in Rouen such as symposiums, meetings or seminars in one of the many adapted facilities present in the territory.

The Tourist Office, thanks to its commercial service “Groups” is the privileged interlocutor for all reservations of stays and tours for groups. This service allows many associations, school groups or works councils to discover Rouen, the Seine Valley and more broadly Normandy.

The Tourist Office also has its own marketing center. This allows it to offer the general public offbeat and unusual visits, courses and workshops, sports, cultural, nature stays or all three at once.

The guided tours are framed by guides lecturers who will know how to make you discover the history and heritage of Rouen thanks to many anecdotes.

All these activities are controlled and validated by the financial department of the Tourist Office allowing to guarantee the good balance of the company.