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Skateparks and board sports in Rouen and the surrounding area

The skateboard has been an Olympic discipline since 2020. Represented at the upcoming Olympic Games of Paris 2024, it will become an official sport in 2028 in Los Angeles. To date, some fifteen skate-parks are listed in the Rouen Metropole and accessible to children aged 7 and over accompanied by a parent.

A skatepark is a collection of artificial modules, similar to street furniture, dedicated not only to this discipline but also to other board sports such as BMX, trottinette or roller. They are designed with several types of materials: wood, metal or even concrete, and enable board sports enthusiasts to perform tricks called tricks.

Skate parks can be outdoors (outdoor) and are therefore very often free of charge, or indoors (indoor) and generally charge a fee.

A ramp between

artwork and wrinkle

The cycloidal skateboarding ramp by Raphaël Zarka is installed on Place du Général de Gaulle in front of Rouen City Hall until 2026. Both a ride zone and sculpture intended to be seen by all in a central square, it aims to make culture accessible to all citizens. It is part of the bid for Rouen European Capital of Culture 2028.

It is also a wooden work intended for practice, with slopes created according to Galilée studies and calculation models. It’s one of the fastest ramps in the world!

Address: Raphaël Zarka’s skate ramp, 2 Place du Général de Gaulle, 76000 Rouen

Discover, progress

& family training

The skatepark of Rouen created in 2003 is an indoor skatepark that allows you to practice board sports all year round whatever the weather! It’s suitable for all levels of skateboarding. It’s one of the largest covered skate-parks in France. The association currently has over 1,000 members aged from 5 to 65.

The 1,500 m² of practicable space is divided into two sections:

– A bowl: a rounded, bowl-shaped module
– A street area: a space featuring modules similar to street furniture: steps, low walls, rails, etc., to reproduce the world of the street

The skate-park offers free practice in exchange for a fee, or supervision by qualified instructors. Numerous courses are offered: scooters, rollerblades, skateboarding, etc…. Workshops are also offered during the school vacations. Equipment can also be made available on request.

For parents who wish to wait for their children, a heated coworking space is available. Children under 12 must be accompanied. Numerous events are organized, including Skatefest, Summer Trott and festive days at Halloween and Christmas.

Address: Skatepark of Rouen, 1 Rue Léon Maletra, 76100 Rouen


A special skatepark

A new kind of skate park, called pumptracks has been inaugurated in 2019 in Maromme’s Signa park. With an all-asphalt surface area of 3,000 m², this loop track is made up of bumps and curves enabling you to move forward without pedaling! Thanks to the track’s reliefs, only the action of the arms and legs allows you to move forward.
The park also boasts a playground, a tennis court, a Verticabana tree-climbing course and an outdoor workout area bordering the Gardstedt forest.

The course is divided into two parts: beginner (green course) and intermediate (blue course) for a maximum of 8 participants simultaneously. It welcomes not only BMX, rollers, skateboard and trottinettes but also draisiennes and VTT.

Address: Parc Signa, Rue Denis Papin, 76150 Maromme

The skatepark

of Bois-Guillaume

The Bois-Guillaume skate-park is made up of several metal modules including a ramp and a jump table on a 200 m² surface. It is accessible free of charge. Smaller with four modules, it nevertheless allows easy practice for beginners.

Address: Parc des Cosmonautes, Rue Vittecocq, 76230 Bois Guillaume

A new skatepark

in Sotteville-lès-Rouen

The skate-park in Sotteville-lès-Rouen promises great sessions for skateboarders! Over 500 m² are dedicated to urban sports in the heart of the Bois de la Garenne. Divided into two parts, you’ll find a bowl with a depth ranging from 1.10 m to 1.60 m and a street space with a sliding bar, it’s made entirely of concrete. It is equipped with three benches and a fountain.

Ideally located in this natural space, it is close to the Marcel Sembat and Les Bruyères high schools, Emile Zola college, public transport and at the crossroads of several cycle paths.

This skate-park designed by the Antidote agency is unique in France.

Address: Bois de la Garenne, Avenue de la Libération, Sotteville-lès-Rouen

The former Océane swimming pool on Île Lacroix will be transformed into a 3,500 m² skatepark. This swimming pool, which was open for only 18 months, was closed for good in 1991.

Estimated at around 3,000 skate sports enthusiasts in the Metropole, the aim is to make Rouen one of the backbones of the practice, with Paris 2024 in its sights.

Further information: www.lemondeduskate.com/les-modules-dans-un-skatepark

Where to find skate parks

in the Rouen Normandie metropolis?
1Skatepark de Bonsecours4, Rue Armand Requier 76240 Bonsecours
2Skatepark de Darnétal4, Allée de la gare 76160 Darnétal
3Skatepark de Déville-lès-Rouen44, Rue du Petit-Aulnay 76250 Déville-lès-Rouen
4Skatepark de Franqueville-Saint-PierrePlace Marcel Ragot 76520 Franqueville-Saint-Pierre
5Skatepark Le Grand-QuevillyRue des Martyrs de la Résistance 76120 Le Grand-Quevilly
6Skatepark du Mesnil-EsnardRue Hector Malot 76240 Le Mesnil-Esnard
7Skatepark de Petit-Quevilly

Espace sportif Robespierre

9, Allée Paul Gauguin 76140 Petit-Quevilly
8Skatepark de Mont-Saint-AignanAllée Barsinghausen 76130 Mont-Saint-Aignan
9Skatepark de Notre-Dame-de-BondevillePlace Sadi Carnot 76960 Notre-Dame-de-Bondeville
10Skatepark de Saint-Etienne-du-RouvrayAvenue des Canadiens 76800 Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray
11Raphaël Zarka’s cycloidal skate ramp2, Place du Général de Gaulle 76000 Rouen
12Skatepark of Rouen1, Rue Léon Maletra 76100 Rouen