Isak Heartstone 1.0 Breckenridge Colorado Usathomas DamboIsak Heartstone 1.0 Breckenridge Colorado Usathomas Dambo
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Monumental Forest

extraordinary artistic project

The Forêt Monumentale returns in 2024 for its second edition, this time in the Roumare Domanial Forest! 13 works will be on display from June 29, 2024 to June 2026 on an open-air trail through the trees and forest paths. Ideal for a family day out in the woods, where you can have fun, hide and seek, while admiring these impressive monumental works.

Initiated by Métropole Rouen Normandie in collaboration with theONF, the “La Forêt Monumentale#2” project offers a 4-kilometre trail to discover on your own. The call for entries was a resounding success, attracting 326 participants from the four corners of the globe. A total of 13 works of art will be installed along the route, offering a renewed vision of the forest by showcasing nature in an artistic way. The aim of this original and ambitious project is to shed light on Metropolitan France’s rich forest heritage, which covers a third of its territory. It is part of an initiative to promote and raise awareness of the three state-owned forests that have been awarded the Forêt d’Exception® label , led by Métropole Rouen Normandie in partnership with theONF, which is a major player in this second edition and the site manager.

A few works

The World in an Acorn

Linfeng Zhou | architect and designer | Canada-ChinTheWorld in an Acorn is a meditation capsule that represents a huge acorn sprouting. Its shell gracefully cracks to reveal a small root, offering a warm entrance. Once inside, visitors are treated to the sight of a tree beginning to awaken. Most of the pieces in this installation are made using computer-controlled cutting tools, allowing easy on-site assembly to create a solid structure. To withstand the elements, the installation is protected by water-resistant plywood and raised on concrete blocks. The World in an Acorn aims to offer an immersive experience that awakens curiosity and enables visitors to appreciate the wonders of nature with all their senses. More info

A giant in the forest – Perennial work

Thomas Dambo | Sculptor | Denmark In the heart of the forest stands a lasting work of simple beauty, deeply in tune with nature. Using wood as his main material, mainly from recycled sources, Thomas Dambo brings to life figures that seem to be the silent guardians of the forest. For his creation, the Danish artist invites the public to participate, offering a shared experience and the creation of a collective legacy in the heart of the Roumare forest. Good news: this work has been selected to remain in Canteleu for the long term! More info

Les Chaumes

Atelier YokYok | design et architecture | France Samson LACOSTE, Luc PINSARD, Laure QAREMY and Pauline LAZAREFF Objects of totem-like design are sure to catch your eye. As you approach, you’ll discover an imposing three-dimensional work of art. Three thatched silhouettes seem to be waiting to be explored. Climbing them, you find yourself inside, transformed into a giant wearing the work like a garment. Visitors are invited to appropriate the work and experience it from the inside, replacing the one who has left. Intrigued, we enter the structure to gain height and emerge at its summit. We then feel the protection offered by this envelope, metamorphosing into camouflage and rediscovering our childlike soul in this living monument… More info

Cathedral of Green

Olivier Thomas | architect, scenographer, artist | France“Cathédrale de vert” highlights the obvious link between Rouen, its cathedral and the many surroundingforests. This immersive, contemplative experience invites us to take time to contemplate and enter into harmony with the natural environment. Using wood and trellis, Olivier Thomas has imagined a cathedral inspired by Notre-Dame de Rouen. In time, nature will reclaim its rights and flourish within this structure. More info


Ewa Dabrowska | sculptural artist and musician | Poland As you stroll through the forest trails, be prepared for an unusual encounter: a herd ofgiant animals! Comprising nine sculptures measuring between 90 cm and 150 cm, these creations are made from twisted branches supported by a sturdy inner skeleton. The artist’s aim is to capture the natural beauty of the forest by integrating these sculptures harmoniously, creating a fairytale-like atmosphere for walkers. The project also aims to highlight the importance of local wildlife and natural habitats in the face of global deforestation and its impact on the survival of wild animal species. The herd symbolizes the strength and unity of a group moving confidently through its natural environment. More info

A ladder to Heaven

Bayona studio | Xevi Bayona and Cristina Montero / architects | Spain The installation “A ladder to heaven” aims to test the scale of a landscape and its relationship to thehuman being. Two figures climbing a very high ladder to the top of a tree create a sensation of approaching heaven. The work involved several stages: transporting the materials, assembling the iron bars, and fixing the steps and human figures in red-painted epoxy resin. To raise the structure, a cable connected to a pulley at the top of the tree and a winch on the ground will be used. The ladder will be securely fixed to the ground and to the tree to withstand strong winds. More info


Jan Sajdak | sculptor| PolandCamels is a project featuring three large woven wicker sculptures, playfully depicting camels. These abstract forms poetically evoke desert animals, floating above the undergrowth to capture the magical charm of the surroundings. They are made of wicker, with internal steel support, and their feet are anchored in the ground for stability. Positioned back from the path, they offer a panoramic view of their surroundings, drawing attention to the beauty of the forest. More info


Mathilde Caylou | glass artist | FranceL’attrape-brume is an artistic installation suspended between trees, composed of recycled agricultural nets woven into ropes and drops of glass. It evokes the delicacy of a monumental spider’s web, swaying in the wind and playing with light. Inspired by webs and fog collectors, it symbolizes the breathing of the forest and its role in the water cycle. The transparent, durable glass used recalls the physical properties of water. A poetic integration into the environment.

A sound river of the possible

For years, artist WillMenter has been creating sound sculptures exploring music and natural sounds. In “Une Rivière Sonore du Possible”, he uses oak planks which, when struck, produce soft music in harmony with the forest. The planks are suspended from a wooden structure, and shuttle-shaped pieces between them strike the musical keys. The random movements of the wood, influenced by the wind or the actions of the audience, produce random rhythms and melodies, questioning the boundary between music and nature. More info


Collectif les Plastiqueurs Fabrice Deperrois | artiste scénographe | FranceOrigine is an artistic experiment that questions theforest space and its landscape through a playful, kinetic plastic and sculptural installation. The work rests delicately on the ground, seeming to float, like a technological object with mysterious functions, seemingly detached from nature. Visitors are invited to touch it and rotate it. More info

Seesaw – Czech artwork

Jan Tyrpekl | architect | Czech RepublicThe Seesaw is a large-scale interactive work of art, conceived as a giant swing of remarkable design. It will be installed on a grassy part of the forest to accentuate its monumental appearance. Tree trunks will form the base of the structure, reinforced by contemporary steel fasteners. The wood used will be predominantly local and hand-crafted, reducing emissions and minimizing waste. More info

Compluvium Biosourced work

Francisco Parada and Laura R. Salvador | P + S Estudio de Arquitectura | SpainCompluvium is a symbolic representation of water, integrated into the forest landscape through specific geometry and materials such as linen and fiberglass. These materials react to light and disappear at the end of the day, creating an immersive experience to raise awareness of the presence of water in the forest. More info

Collaborative work

Collectif Boa Mistura | In collaboration with students from ESADHAR | France This monumental work will be created by the Boa Mistura collective in collaboration with students from ESADHAR, the École supérieure d’art et de design du Havre – Rouen. During an initial workshop in November 2023, the artists and students worked on the technical and conceptual development of the artistic project, exploring different ideas to inspire the final design. Boa Mistura specializes in transforming public spaces to create connections between people and their environment. For over ten years, they have been implementing collaborative practices, using participation to connect people to their public space. More info

Artist residency Baptiste Leroux

January to June 2024 | With the Frac Normandie and the IME du Chant du Loup in Canteleu The Baptiste Leroux artist residency, the fruit of a partnership between the Institut Médico-Éducatif (IME) du Chant du Loup in Canteleu and the Fonds régional d’art contemporain (Frac) Normandie in Sotteville-lès-Rouen, aims to promote art among people with disabilities. Baptiste Leroux has developed the “Le murmure des bois” project with two groups of disabled young people and a class of pupils from the Canteleu school. This project explores the issue of attention to the sound environment through active artistic activities. A presentation of the project will take place at the IME du Chant du Loup in June, and some of the works will be included in the “Forêt Monumentale 2024” organized by Métropole Rouen Normandie in the Roumare forest. This residency is part of the “Culture, Santé et Médico-Social” program.


guided tours

For this second edition, 13 works of art populate the woods. Enchanting for young and old alike. Join our guide on a tour of these artistic creations in dialogue with nature. Enjoy the walk! June 30, July 21, August 25, September 8, October 13 and 27 at 3pm. Departure for Monumental Forest guided tours: route de la Vaupalière (small parking lot between the traffic circle and the entrance to the forest) Free on reservation.