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Our days in the Rouen metropolis

And yes, there is so much to discover around Rouen. Its rich metropolis has a lot to offer you. Go and explore its wonders and let yourself be surprised by its rich heritage!

One day...

Along the Seine, charming villages and abbeys

They are the witness of the medieval spiritual wealth still present in Normandy. Discover the road of the abbeys, through this route that retraces the route of these religious buildings along the loops of the Seine, with the city of Rouen as the starting point.

Boat trip down the Seine to La Bouille


Descent of the Seine ein boat to La Bouille. You will discover the port of Rouen and go down the river to the commune of La Bouille. Arriving in La Bouille, take time to wander through this small village, high place of impressionism and so dear to Hector Malot.

At 12:30 pm, lunch in the city of Rouen. (drinks included)

Guided tour of the Saint-Georges de Boscherville Abbey


A true jewel of Roman Art in Normandy, its exceptional state of preservation allows one to plunge into the heart of the art and daily life of the monks.

The day’s performances will end around 4:00 p.m.


One day...

On the road of the Norman abbeys

Testimony to the rich monastic past of the territory and the majesty of Norman Romanesque art. The surrounding landscapes are breathtaking. An escape as spiritual as bucolic where history and legends give you an appointment.

Guided tour of the Abbey of Jumièges


Let the majestic ruins of Jumièges Abbey amaze you, standing proudly in their green setting

At 12:00 p.m., lunch on the banks of the Seine. (drinks included)

Visit of the Fontenelle Abbey in Saint-Wandrille


Founded in 649, it is one of the oldest witnesses of religious settlement in the Seine Valley. A Benedictine monk guides you through a Gothic cloister, a wooden-vaulted refectory, an admirable Romanesque chapel Saint Saturnin. This abbey is a place full of life that, as the hours pass, is punctuated by Gregorian chant. Do not leave this place without enjoying a final detour to the store that offers for sale unique monastic crafts:beeswax, jams and a delicious gingerbread.

The services of the day will end at the end of the visit.