Museum le Secq des Tournelles - RouenMuseum le Secq des Tournelles - Rouen
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Crafts, workshops and traditions of Rouen

Rouen is considered the most important and oldest ceramic center in France. Rouen’s know-how has had a notable influence on French faience manufacture. Today, the last faience factories in Rouen are located on rue Saint-Romain, near the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Rouen. You will be able to observe before your eyes the work of hand decoration of earthenware objects.

Earthenware and ironwork,

these traditions of Rouen

The abundance of ore in Normandy also favored the iron industry. Still recognizable today, the workshop of Master Ironworker Ferdinand Marrou, now the Tearoom, located opposite the Cour des libraires of the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Rouen, is adorned with wrought iron of great finesse.

His work can be found throughout Rouen such as the bell towers of Notre-Dame Cathedral, the crest of the Gross Clock or the crests of the Parliament of Normandy located on Rue aux Juifs in Rouen. Iron art is today represented at the Musée de la ferronnerie le Secq des Tournelles in Rouen.

Craft stores and workshops

The presence of many rivers on the territory has allowed the development of the textile industry, one of the traditions of Rouen that endure today through the presence of the built heritage. Rouen, Darnétal and Elbeuf were recognized cloth cities. The sheep is moreover one of the symbols of the Norman capital.

Among the various fabrics produced then we can cite the Indians of Rouen. A historically important cloth city, Rouen gives a great place to linen. Norman flax growers provide 60% of French production and 45% of processed European production. Located in the heart of the Pays de Caux, Doudeville (76560) is the national capital of linen. It is the former commercial crossroads of the linen cloth making market.

Ceramics, ironwork or textile industry, so many traditions of Rouen, places, crafts, know-how and art of living to discover when you come to the Rouen metropolis.