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Explore Rouen with Whatizis. The app, available in Rouen, Dieppe and Le Havre, takes you on an extraordinary tour of the city. Who built this building? How old is it? What’s it used for? From their name to their history, the monuments and works of art of Normandy’s heritage will no longer hold any secrets for you!

Discover Seine-Maritime monuments instantly

Are you a heritage lover? Would you like to learn more about the monuments you come across on your walks? Then you’re going to love Whatizis!

Nicknamed the “Shazam of monuments”, Whatizis is an innovative, free app that lets you recognize monuments you’ve never seen before. Revolutionary, Whatizis uses visual recognition technology to instantly identify the monuments you encounter on your visits.

Whatizis, how does it work?

Ready to go? Download now!

When the app is downloaded and installed on your smartphone, it’s very simple!
You simply take a photo of a monument or work of art from the app with your phone, and “Whatizis” takes care of the rest. On your screen, you’ll find photos, information and also 30-second to 1-minute audio commentaries crafted by tour guides. So you can contemplate the monument while listening to anecdotes and the history of the place photographed.

Did you enjoy your discovery? You also have the option of recording “your favorites” and sharing them with your loved ones.