Notre-Dame de Rouen CathedralNotre-Dame de Rouen Cathedral
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Rouen Tourism offers you different thematic visits corresponding to your programs and the age of your students.
Lasting from one to two hours, these visits will allow you to have a direct approach to the history of the city, its inhabitants and its architecture.

The high places of Rouen

Elementary, middle and high schools

Go on a discovery of Rouen’s landmarks:Notre Dame Cathedral, Gros-Horloge, Parliament of Normandy,
Saint Joan of Arc Church and Place du Vieux Marché. All styles are represented, from the Medieval to the modern architecture, through the Renaissance.

  • The duration of the guided tour is 1 hour 30 to 2 hours.
  • The tour is available in French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian as well as Korean.

Daily life in the Middle Ages

Kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools

A stone’s throw from the cathedral,St. Romain Street and Chanons Street bear witness to the wooden architecture and daily life in the Middle Ages. The Aître Saint-Maclou, meanwhile, revives the reality of plague epidemics.

In the footsteps of Joan of Arc

Colleges, high schools

Rouen is universally known as the site of Joan of Arc’s torture. The city has kept the traces of this tragic episode of its history.
The dungeon was part of the castle built in 1204 by Philip Augustus. It was in this castle that the trial of Joan of Arc took place and in this dungeon that the heroine was threatened with torture in the presence of her judges, but it was in another tower (at No. 102 Rue Jeanne d’Arc), where some remains remain, that she was locked up. You will continue through the Archbishop’s Palace where her rehabilitation trial took place, into the Cathedral, where a chapel is dedicated to the Saint, then you will finally arrive at the Old Market Square, place of the torture.

The cathedral: a construction site from the Middle Ages

Elementary, middle and high schools

Architects, sculptors, master glassmakers and carpenters…, all of these trades have left their mark on Rouen with their know-how.
Their talent was expressed through the construction ofNotre-Dam Cathedral, a testament to Gothic architecture (visit to St. Ouen’s Abbey in case of exceptional closure of the cathedral).

The stained glass window, a space of light

Elementary, middle and high schools

Many stained-glass windows, masterpieces of the glass masters, adorn thecathedral.
These are true “comic strips,” forms of expression employed from the 13th century to the modern era, passing through the superb stained-glass windows of the Renaissance.

Street art : Les Sapins, between graffiti and architecture

Elementary, middle and high schools

A score of magnificentmonumental frescoes are transforming the city. This tour, focused on one neighborhood, blends the history of graff, its techniques, and the history of 20th-century architecture and the construction of large housing projects.
Another way to discover the Fir Tree neighborhood.

From springs to fountains

Preschools, elementary schools, high schools

In the mid-nineteenth century, Rouen had 118 fountains, including 51 public, supplied by five main sources. Places of meetings and conviviality where one learned the news of the neighborhood, the public fountains supplied the inhabitants with drinking water and significant work of adduction was undertaken to improve the quality of the water of the rivers of Rouen and in particular those of the Seine.

Animals in the city

Preschools, elementary schools

Come and discoverthe fantastic and folkloric animals hidden in the decorations of the streets and monuments of Rouen: the pig who has a toothache, the gargoyle of Rouen, the rescue horse and the other animals are waiting for you to reveal their secrets.

Guided tour of the Grand Port Maritime de Rouen

As soon as you board La Lutèce, discover the evolution of the port, its docks, the work of men and women on the river. Sailing along the Seine, capturing its exceptional views, passing under the bridges, crossing a ferry, a barge or a large boat, will be as many unique moments to share with the sailors. On board, a commentator will help you discover the men and their jobs, the seagoing ships, the port terminals, the goods and the handling techniques.

"The cathedrals of Rouen told to children

Elementary schools

In the former studio of Claude Monet, facing the cathedral, a local artist, will share with you the world of Claude Monet, his joys, his doubts, his technique, when he painted the famouscathedrals. Anecdotes, observation games, drawings, will decorate in a playful way this hour of awareness of the work of the one called “the father of impressionism”… Ludic and educational, this workshop will delight all of your students from CP to CM2.

*Subject to reopening of the workshop