Arboretum of Petit Charme, Val De La HayeArboretum of Petit Charme, Val De La Haye
©Arboretum of Petit Charme, Val De La Haye|Alan Aubry - Métropole Rouen Normandie

Natural Heritage

Green, first of all, that of the immense forest spaces that surround the city. Blue, then, that of the Seine which undulates, serene and seductive. And red, finally, the apples and cherries that color the orchards of the fruit road. Welcome to an invigorating nature.


Guided tours

The panoramic visit

To admire Rouen from every angle

You will begin your tour from the Place de la Haute Vieille Tour, at the foot ofthe Cathedral.The tour is along the Seine’s quays, along the bridges and their history.
The tour continues through Place Saint-Paul and its 19th-century church to access the Côte Sainte-Catherine. A stop is proposed to admire the panoramic and historical view of the Romanesque city.
Then, you will descend fromthe hill by the Mont-Gargan and continue along the large boulevards, which still bear the traces of the old ramparts encircling the city. To continue this guided tour, you will return via the Rue Jeanne d’Arc towards the city center and end the tour by coach. To conclude this tour, you will continue the walking tour in the heart of Rouen’s historic districts.

  • The duration of the guided tour is 3 hours.
  • The tour is available in French, English, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.
  • The coach is not included.