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A city on a human scale, Rouen is an intimate port of call and the disembarkation of passengers is meticulously organized to optimize their time there. Rouen is therefore a pleasant stopover as much for cruise passengers as for passengers who are warmly expected and welcomed by the locals.

A stopover in Rouen

Cruise to Rouen in search of the most beautiful scenery in the Seine Valley, discovering Norman culture and the city’s outstanding heritage. The cruise is an excellent option to discover the wonders of Rouen and its surroundings: the green Norman countryside, the Seine and the scenery that inspired the Impressionist painters, fascinating historical sites such as Rouen Cathedral, the Joan of Arc Historial and many architectural treasures. A stopover in Rouen is an opportunity to savor French and Norman cuisine accompanied by succulent wines from the French terroir during an unforgettable gastronomic stop for your taste buds. The cruise port of Rouen provides easy access to other must-see beauties in Normandy, such as the picturesque village of Honfleur, the D-Day landing beaches in Calvados or even to Paris, the capital of France.

The cruise terminal

The Rouen cruise terminal is located on the right bank of the Seine, close to the city’s historic center. The terminal is fully equipped to accommodate a varietyof river and sea cruise ships, from small vessels to large luxury liners.

The terminal has a modern reception area as well as all the services to welcome passengers during their port call: restrooms, a café, a souvenir store and a tourist information office.

The terminal offers multiple technical facilities to meet the needs of cruise ships. These facilities include a dedicated 250-meter-long berth, as well as mooring and anchorage areas for larger vessels.

This terminal also offers a range of technical services to cruise operators, including fresh water supply, electrical connections and waste collection services. It also includesa border reception center equipped with an immigration station and a customs clearance area to facilitate passenger entry and exit.

Rouen destination cruises

Historical capital of Normandy, the medieval city of Rouen constitutes the closest port to the city of Paris, located 135 km away. The Rouen Port Authority (HAROPA) includes the city of Rouen, the entire Seine Valley as well as Honfleur, thus facilitating the organization and billing of calls: the ship stays in the same area and is only billed once.

The Port of Rouen’s cruise terminal can accommodate ships up to 250 meters long on two berths, open 24 hours a day. Many itineraries offer overnight stops to give passengers more time on site to enjoy all the riches of the city of Rouen and take advantage of unforgettable excursions in Normandy and beyond, such as visits to Giverny, Paris and Versailles.

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Within the marketing department team, we are now mobilizing all our resources to work closely with tourism stakeholders and cruise professionals to highlight the destination’s assets, offer impeccable port of call service and provide ship passengers an unforgettable experience of the city of Rouen. Indeed, the port of Rouen is gaining in popularity and becoming a popular destination for ship owners for the greater pleasure of passengers eager to discover.

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