Panorama Of Barneville Sur SeinePanorama Of Barneville Sur Seine
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This is a real invitation to travel offered to visitors to the Vironvay freeway service area. During their break on the vacation freeway in Normandy, the most beautiful panoramas of the Seine Valley are on display to arouse the desire to get out and discover the longest river in France.

The panoramas of the Seine Valley

It is one of the most heavily traveled highways in western France. Connecting Paris to the Sea via Caen,the A13 motorway follows the course of the Seine to its mouth. Let yourself be tempted by an escapade in Rouen and its Metropolis at the bend in your route. On the way to your weekend on the Normandy coast or your vacation inNormandy, take advantage of your passage on the A13 freeway to visit the must-see sites of Rouen and let yourself be charmed by its architecture and its tourist attractions (Joan of Arc Historial, Fine Arts Museum, …).

These 21 panoramas cross the Rouen Normandy Metropolis and allow you to (re)discover varied tourist landscapes but also to travel through Normandy off the beaten track.

Produced by the ROUEN SEINE EURE Metropolitan Cluster, with the agreement of SANEF.
@ Vincent Lebret / agency 15 100 17

The interactive map of the panoramas of the Seine Valley

Beyond Rouen, there are several stops in Normandy accessible from the A13 freeway. As many outings as there are getaway ideas to enhance your trip. Click and choose the most beautiful place to learn about the history and geography of the most beautiful views from Gaillon to Poses, from the coast of the two lovers to the Sainte-Catherine hill in Rouen