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What to do during the All Saints' Day vacations in Rouen?

Just a few weeks before the festive season, the autumn vacations are a time for rest and relaxation, but also for enjoying convivial moments with family and friends. Workshops, cultural outings, treasure hunts…
We give you the dates not to be missed during the autumn vacations in Rouen, from October 21 to November 5, 2023.

For younger children


October 25 and November 3, 3:00 to 4:30 pm – From 7 years

Pokémon fan? This game tour is for you! Come and flush out these little creatures in the streets of Rouen, through a route full of riddles and little games, which will lead you to observe and discover the heritage from a different angle.

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Rouen Magique

October 24 and 28, 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm – From 2 years old

As a family, come and juggle the History of Rouen with magic tricks! Your guide is a magician. With him, you’ll delve into his family’s history and relive the story of Rouen through the eyes of his ancestors. Magicians, jugglers and jugglers will take you on a tour of the city’s past, from the construction of its castles to medieval festivals and court life, all enhanced by instructive and participatory magic tricks.

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Urban Escape Game

Sunday, October 29 at 2pm and 4pm – From 10 years

Can you flush out the four-colored ones before they find you? Watch out for everything. You’ve got 1h30 to get out of it!
“Nous sachons” Contemporary theme / humor

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Hu dada!

October 21, 25, 28 and November 1, 4 at 11am, 2pm, 4:30pm – From 2 years

En route for an hour’s self-guided pony ride with your child in the forêt de Roumare. The team at Centre équestre le Haras des Fendanges will get you in shape and introduce you to the world of ponies.

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Nighttime walk listening to the animals of the forest

On 26, October 31 and November 3 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm – From 5 years old

At dusk, accompanied by a nature guide, set off to meet the forest’s inhabitants and listen to the animal calls and sounds of the night. An original experience to understand nature in a different way on a 3km trail, in theforest of La Londe Rouvraylabelled forêt d’exception®.

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Awaken your senses
Earthenware clay modeling workshop

Saturday, October 21, 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm – Ages 7 to 15

At the heart of the Aître Saint-Maclou, the Galerie des Arts du Feu invites your children to experience a sensory journey to the heart of matter! Young sculptors will create an earthenware model based on the theme of the current exhibition. Each participant can then come and collect his or her work at a later date after drying.

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Animals in museums

October 21, 26 and November 2 from 3 pm to 4 pm – From 5 years old

Go and discover the animals hiding in the musée de la Céramique or the musée Le Secq des Tournelles. Bats, unicorns, bears, dragons and fish are just some of the animals to be found on this tour of feathers and scales, which will reveal some very surprising stories about the heritage of iron and ceramics.

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Having fun
La Foire Saint-Romain

From Friday, October 20 to Sunday, November 19

In Rouen, autumn vacations mean Foire Saint-Romain! Crisps, thrill rides, toffee apples, rifle shooting, duck fishing… As every year, find all the attractions, activities and treats at France’s oldest and largest fair, after the Trône fair in Paris.

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Nights at the Artmazia maze

October 20, 21, 27, 28 and 31 from 8pm

Have a spooky time inthe 3rd largest plant maze in France just 30 min from Rouen. Young and old are all welcome for a memorable experience. Prepare to be transported to a world apart, out of time.

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Challenging yourself
Enquête au Château des Deux Lions

Saturday, October 28, 7:30-10:30 pm

While Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are chatting peacefully by the fire, Inspector Lestrade bursts in. His murder case seems complex, and Sherlock Holmes wants to test your acumen as young investigators. Using key documents and eyewitness accounts, you’ll form teams of apprentice detectives and assist your master in this investigation.

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Murder Party, oenological investigation

Wednesday October 25 and Friday October 27, 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Dive into a captivating adventure, where enigma mingles with the aromas of wine. This Murder Party is sure to satisfy puzzle lovers and wine enthusiasts alike, combining fun and discovery through an immersive game.

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Escape Game : “Libérez Rouen!”

From Wednesday to Sunday during the vacations

August 1944, the day after the Allied landings, hope is reborn among the Resistance. You’ve been entrusted with a mission of the utmost importance: to recover strategic documents from the heart of the city’s best-protected German bunker, the Donjon de Rouen.

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Visit the Port of Rouen by boat

Wednesday October 25 and Saturday October 28, 2:30 – 4:00 pm

To dive right into the heart of its activity, come aboard the Lutèce! The guide will tell you about the history of the Port of Rouen and the men who work there, as smokestacks, huge silos and loaded ships take shape as the water flows by. Let yourself be carried away…

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Exhibitions and festivals

The program
Musée des Beaux-Arts: La Ronde #7 Fleuves

Six exceptional artists invest the RMM’s museums, to create works in dialogue with the collections, inspired by the theme of rivers. Each artist offers his or her unique vision of the river, creating a captivating dialogue with the territory and its inhabitants. A transdisciplinary festival that promises to surprise and delight!

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Festival Automne Curieux

Until November 26, stroll the streets and discover some twenty visual arts projects in the public space. Exhibitions, tours, workshops, meetings with artists and screenings await you!

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FENO: Festival de l’excellence Normande

More than 400 exhibitors will give you a unique experience, at the heart of Norman talent and pride. Come and explore all the riches of our region, treat your taste buds to local produce, marvel at sensational shows! Gastronomy, crafts, culture, innovation… a total of 19 areas of excellence will be represented on October 20, 21 and 22.

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This is just a glimpse of the many events on offer during the autumn vacations in Rouen
The Rouen Tourist Office will be open on Sundays during the school vacations (all zones combined). Don’t hesitate to drop in and see us!