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The Foire Saint-Romain in Rouen

In Rouen, the autumn vacations are synonymous with the Foire Saint-Romain! This event attracts over 1.5 million people every year! So, from October 20 to November 19, 2023, you’ll find France’s oldest and biggest fair, after the Trône fair in Paris, on the esplanade Saint-Gervais.

The legend of Saint-Romain

in the beginning

Legend has it that in the 7th century a gargoyle, a kind of dragon, terrorized the inhabitants of Rouen. Determined to get rid of it, the Roman bishop set out to kill the monster, accompanied by a condemned man who would be pardoned if victorious. The gargoyle was defeated, and the prisoner regained his freedom. It was on the strength of this legendary tradition that, every year until the Revolution, a Rouen death row inmate was pardoned on All Saints’ Day. This event was known as the “Foire du Pardon”.

History of the Fair

since the end of the 19th century

The Foire du Pardon, initially organized by merchants, became the Foire Saint-Romain in the late 19th century, enlivened by fairground shows. It was held place du Boulingrin until 1983, when it moved to the left bank quays. This is why France’s only monument dedicated to the fairground workers who died in the 1st and 2nd World Wars stands on Place du Boulingrin.

Since 2016, the Foire Saint-Romain no longer takes place on the left bank quays. It takes place on the right bank Presqu’île Waddington.
Croustillons, thrill rides, candy apples, rifle shooting, duck fishing… Find all the attractions, activities and delicacies of the Foire Saint-Romain!

Practical information

organize your visit

Dates: Friday, October 20 to Sunday, November 19, 2023

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday: 2pm to 11pm. Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays: 2pm to 1am. Restaurants open daily from 11:30am.

Prices: Admission to the Foire Saint-Romain is free for everyone. Ticket prices vary for each attraction, however, and are set freely by the fairground owners. Expect to pay between €3 and €5 for family or children’s rides, and between €5 and €8 for thrill rides. You’ll be able to take advantage of reduced rates on rides on (date to be announced).

Access and parking:
– Reinforcement of public transport
– Two free parking spaces at the end of the esplanade Saint-Gervais et de l’Ouest (opposite the MIN). Two free small trains will take the public from the terminal de l’Ouest to the entrance of the fairgrounds.
– A “bike” area is planned at the entrance under the Flaubert bridge.

– A “bike” area is planned at the entrance under the Flaubert bridge.

– A “bike” area is planned at the entrance under the Flaubert bridge.