Rouen Instantanée

A bold, modern object to become an ambassador for destination Rouen!

Every week, an experience to win!

Rouen Tourisme is offering you its limited edition totem pole!

This object represents the perfect reproduction of the Rouen Tourisme logo imagined by renowned designer Philippe Apeloig.

Defiinitely modern and bold, it is designed with the five letters of the word ROUEN written in capitals. The letter O is positioned at the center of the rectangular composition, evoking the city center from which the surrounding neighborhoods and towns radiate.

From June 8 to 18, hurry to pick up your precious sesame free of charge at our information points located at Musée des Beaux-Arts and on the place de la Cathédrale.

As the lucky owner of one of these 5,000 totemsnumbered custom-made in France, you’ll be invited to activate it and share an instant photo on your social networks with the #roueninstantanee.

This totem pole has great surprises and special moments to share throughout the year.Become a member of our community of destination ambassadors! You’ll be the first to hear about our programming, try out our tours and take part in our previews. Stay connected!

Rouen instantanée, communication with many faces

Are you from Rouen? Do you love your city and want to let people know? Numerous Rouen personalities have already agreed to play along! Restaurateurs, hoteliers and public figures are taking to the stage with their totems in their favorite places. Put the city on the map with your Instagram and Facebook posts.


Contest from June 19 to July 31

You’ve got your totem pole in your hand Remember your number. A draw will take place every week from June 19 to July 31 with experiences to be won!

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