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80th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy

The whole of Normandy is getting ready to commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy. With its 94 sites and places of remembrance, Normandy is THE destination for remembrance tourism, attracting some 5 million visitors a year.

To pay tribute to the men and women from all over the world who liberated Normandy, the Metropole Rouen Normandie is offeringa series of immersive and educational events, enabling visitors to relive this pivotal period in our history.

A little history

Key dates and figures

The Normandy Landings, known as D-Day, took place on June 6, 1944. On that day, Allied forces launched Operation Overlord, the largest amphibious invasion in history, involving more than 156,000 soldiers from the USA, the UK, Canada and other Allied nations. 177 Frenchmen of the Commando Kieffer also landed on the beaches of Normandy. This operation marked the beginning of the end of the Second World War in Europe. The Battle of Normandy continued for almost three months, culminating in the liberation of Paris on August 25, 1944. Rouen, in particular, was liberated on August 30, 1944 after several days of intense fighting. The city, partially destroyed by bombardment, welcomed the Allied forces and celebrated the end of Nazi occupation.

Events in and around Rouen

Au Donjon
Escape Game “Libérez Rouen! “

Immerse yourself in the heart of the Resistance After the success of the 1st season, the historical escape game “Libérez Rouen! “is back. Plunge into the heart of the summer of 1944 and take on the role of Resistance members tasked with a critical mission: infiltrate the city’s best-protected German bunker and recover strategic documents. This immersive adventure takes you to the eve of the Liberation of Rouen, requiring courage, ingenuity and discretion. Until November 4 – Price: from €13 per person

“Rouen Liberated! “

Historical re-enactment event On August 31 and September 1, relive the Liberation of Rouen with a re-enacted military encampment at the Donjon de Rouen. Discover machine guns, jeeps, motorcycles, weapons and period military equipment in this open-air museum. The event plunges you into the atmosphere of 1944, with jazz concerts and swing dances that will have you vibrating to the rhythm of the era. It’s also an opportunity to discover all the culture that Americans and Canadians brought with them. Free admission from 11am to 7pm

At Château du Taillis
A castle during the war

2-hour private tour Explore the “August 1944” museum in the company of its owner, who will help you relive the tragic moments of the fighting, as well as the relief brought by the Liberation. Through the accounts of soldiers and civilians who witnessed the confrontations, as well as thousands of objects, weapons and soldiers’ outfits, you’ll gain a better understanding of the history of the last battles on the Seine. Then, discover life on the estate during the war. Thanks to letters written by the Château’s owners during this period, you can relive these moments in a personal and intimate way. A visit to the places mentioned in these letters offers a unique immersion in history. June 6 and 12, July 3, August 28 and 31 at 2.30pm – Reservations essential, places very limited – Price: €15 adults, €10 children.

Duclair during the war, from the first bombings to liberation

Conference Join Nicolas Navarro, owner of the Musée Août 1944, for a lecture. A commented projection of over 200 photographs will tell you about life in Duclair and the Seine valley during the Battle of Normandy: from the first bombings to the terrible crossing of the Seine by German troops, right up to the long-awaited liberation. August 30 at 8:30pm – Free

In Rouen
Rouen 1944

Guided tour On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Liberation, your guide invites you to plunge into the heart of this key period in our history by visiting the emblematic sites of Rouen under German occupation. Discover how daily life in Rouen was shaped by occupation, resistance, repression and bombing. Step back in time and hear the poignant stories of a war that profoundly transformed our city. This guided tour will give you a unique and moving perspective on Rouen in 1944, allowing you to understand the challenges and hopes of its inhabitants during these dark but decisive years. Relive the history of Rouen and honor the memory of those who lived through those decisive moments. August 22, 27 and 30 – Duration: 2h – Full price: €10 – Prior booking required.

Around a hundred events

in the four corners of Normandy

Coastal fireworks on Saturday June 1 at the major D-Day sites, Liberty concerts on Omaha Beach, Liberation ballsration, an international parachute drop of several hundred soldiers over Sainte-Mère-Eglise, and an international commemoration in the presence of heads of state will keep Normandy alive throughout the summer of 2024. Don’t miss the many activities organized throughout the year across Normandy to celebrate this 80th anniversary. And from June 1 to 16, the D-Day Festival Normandy offers a program of festive events every day along the entire D-Day and Battle of Normandy coastline, from Pegasus Bridge to Sainte-Mère-Eglise, including Ouistreham, Arromanches, Pointe du Hoc, and of course the five emblematic beach sectors of Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Gold Beach, Juno Beach and Sword Beach.

80e anniversaire - Teaser D-Day Festival Normandy 2024 - Part 1
80e anniversaire - Teaser D-Day Festival Normandy 2024 - Part 1
80e anniversaire - Teaser D-Day Festival Normandy 2024 - Part 1