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Orienteering in the Bois du Roule

Find throughout the year 3 permanent courses in the Bois du Roule at the gates of Darnétal to introduce you to orienteering. What to have fun in family and learn in a playful way the workings of this sport of nature.

Heading north!

Orientation is a sport that makes your head and legs work. Equipped with a map, which indicates the position of the markers, and a compass, you must find posts, in order, and validate your passage on a box. Choose one of the three courses of the Bois du Roule to initiate yourself in the middle of nature. Sport for all par excellence, Orienteering offers great leisure opportunities for the whole family. Your game time is not timed, so take the time to discover your environment: fauna, flora and a magnificent panorama of the city of Rouen and the valley of the Aubette.

How to practice orienteering?

Find 3 maps representing the different courses, with 3 levels of difficulty: green for beginners, blue for those with a little experience, yellow for the more experienced.

Get the map corresponding to your level, this one is deliberately very detailed. On site, the courses are materialized by a network of posts (or beacons) on characteristic details of the terrain, with a start (represented by a triangle); a finish (represented by 2 concentric circles) and the different posts to get there (in the center of the circles).

To move around on a map:

1. Locate yourself on the map:

  • Observe notable features
  • Represent the representation of these features on the map
  • Orient the map in relation to the features observed in the field

2. Keep your map oriented: it is the practitioner who turns around the map and not the other way around!

3.Plan your route and carry it out by essentially following the paths and trails: never “cutting” when you are a beginner.

    The compass is not necessary if the advice above is applied. It will, however, make it easier to find North and thus orient your map.