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List of the stars during the Armada 2023

During the Armada 2023, embark on the boats and sail along the Seine to admire the stars of the event: the most beautiful sailing ships in the world! You will discover them in a different way than by wandering on the quays…

Feature list

Armada 2023
  • Lutèce
  • Vedettes de Bréhat
  • L’Océanite
  • Vedette de Jolie France
  • L’Escapade
  • Vedette Baie de Seine
  • L’Aventura
  • Vedette ville d’Honfleur
  • Tivano
  • Belle France
  • St. Malo privateer
  • Pink granite coast
  • Eneziz
  • Guillaume Le Conquérant
  • Kephrenn
  • City of Le Havre


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