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Rouen’s must-sees

This summer, Rouen Tourism is offering a daily tour of Rouen’s historic sites from Wednesday to Saturday in 1 hour top time! On the program: the history of the cathedral, that of the streets of Rouen, without missing the Gros-Horloge, the Place du Vieux-Marché and Joan of Arc.

The must-see route

In 1 hour top chrono, a guide makes us discover and tell us the history and heritage of this beautiful city filled with charm.

Meet at the Tourist Office for a tour that begins with the discovery of the Rouen Cathedral and many anecdotes about its architecture, history and the beautiful lighting done by Claude Monet with his 28 cathedrals painted in the late 19th century.

Let’s go for a walking tour, during which our guide, while taking the time to tell, makes the minutes fly by with a dense and enriching program: after the Rouen cathedral and the Office de Tourisme, we discover the rue du Gros-Horloge, the half-timbered houses, the Palais de Justice, the Rue de la Vicomté, the squares de la Pucelle and du Vieux-Marché and finally the Jeanne d’Arc Church. With no less than a dozen places in 1 hour, the guided tour of Rouen’s must-sees reveals to us in record time the heritage sites of Rouen.


Rouen and its anecdotes

It’s hard to get around the city of Rouen and its historic heart without learning a little anecdote. At each street corner, a little story or a Rouen peculiarity is told by our guide who enriches this visit with his riddles.We quickly realize that, from the Middle Ages to our days, Rouen is full of surprises left by our ancestors.

Would you, like us, be able to find the upside-down angel on the Gros-Horloge left by the angry sculptor?

Our favorite

We enjoyed the story of Jeanne d’Arc as well as that of the church built in her honor, near where she was burned. The so particular shape of the roof would represent among other things the helmet of Joan of Arc.

The visit ends on this site rich in emotions, our guide knew how to make us travel from the Middle Ages to our days and made us want to know even more about Rouen and its anecdotes.