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Cultural jogging in Rouen

Running and visiting a city at the same time… that’s the challenge of cultural jogging in Rouen. Laurence from Planète Bien-Être offers running and walking tours of the city center. We put on our sneakers to help you discover this concept.

Discover Rouen differently

A meeting point is set at the Planète Bien-être gym located near the Place du Vieux-Marché. We’re about fifteen participants ready to stretch our legs and at the same time learn a little more about the city.

Each cultural jog has a theme, today Laurence will take us on a tour of Rouen and its cloth-making tradition. Today’s circuit will be between 7 and 9 km. With a 9:30 a.m. start, our return is estimated at 11:30 a.m. The route is intended to be flat, except in a district a little further east of the medieval center.

Cultural jogging in Rouen

strengthen legs and brainpower

After a quick briefing, we’re off in the direction of place du Vieux-Marché and then rue du Gros-Horloge. We make our first stop there, instructed to look for an old sign in this shopping street.

Laurence immediately gets us into the rhythm whether it’s for the run or the theme of the tour. After a few explanatory breaks in rue aux ours and rue des Bonnetiers, we’re on the pont Boieldieu in search of the sculpted bust of a navigator who brought back a red dye that was used by drapers of the time.

We resume the run towards the quartier des antiquaires via a small alleyway enabling us to trace an old water mill. After discovering a former mansion on rue Damiette, we arrive in rue Eau de Robec, where the spirit of period drapery is still palpable.

Our guide for the day tells us anecdotes about the house ornaments present on this street, such as the one with the horse or another with the salamander. We also learn about the former attics of these houses and the history of the house that houses the current Musée de l’Éducation.

After crossing the Saint-Vivien district, we continue into the Saint-Nicaise neighborhood. The route gets a little tougher, but with Laurence’s good humor and benevolence, the group manages to keep up quite easily.

To finish our tour, we make explanatory pauses in front of the statue of Napoleon at the foot of the Hôtel de Ville, in rue Ganterie (a former haunt of glove makers), in front of Rouen station and its Gaalor spring, in rue Rollon and its old rouenneries (Rouen’s emblematic woollen cloth) stores or in front of the Gros-Horloge and its many sheep.

After these final points of interest, we finish our jog back at the starting point where a refreshment and stretching session await us.

Our favorite

The concept of running while visiting is a great idea. Laurence allows everyone to participate. The principle of explanatory breaks gives beginners the chance to keep up the pace, and more seasoned runners the chance to learn plenty of anecdotes about the jogging routes without getting bored.

The itineraries are very well prepared and allow you to run in complete safety. To keep the pace of the visit pleasant, they are balanced thanks to the various breaks. And don’t forget that Laurence’s friendly approach is quickly contagious.

Practical information

Formulas: running or fast walking
– Running: in short strides over a time of around 10 km/hour.
– Fast walking: equivalent to Nordic walking but without the poles. The tempo is sustained to keep the sporting aspect but adapted for a public not wishing to run.

Tarif : 9€ / person