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Pokemon Go in Rouen

Go hunting!

The Pokemon Go craze is taking over the world, and Rouen hasn’t been spared. The Tourist Office invites you to go on the hunt and discover the capital of Normandy thanks to Nintendo’s little characters.

What is Pokemon Go?

The game is a mobile app available free of charge on all smartphones (Apple Store, Google Play). This famous game from the Japanese firm uses augmented reality and geolocation.

From now on, “apprentice” hunters must criss-cross the streets of the world to catch or evolve Pokémons. A new form of gaming that is already attracting millions of players.

Discover Rouen differently

Thanks to the Pokémon Go app in Rouen and France, the Tourist Office is offering players the chance to take advantage of their “hunts” to discover Rouen and its Seine Valley.

Pokémons are well and truly present in Rouen and Normandy. The city of Rouen is already home to “Miaouss” on rue du Gros-Horloge, “Carapuce” in square Verdrel, “Roucool” near Centre Commercial Saint-Sever and “Lippoutous” on the quays of the Seine.

New Pokémons are discovered every day, so don’t hesitate to roam the pedestrian streets of Rouen city center to become the best Pokémon Go “hunter” in Rouen.

Other locations are important in the game: the “PokeStops”. Symbolized by blue squares, they enable players to acquire numerous items facilitating their progress. The “PokeStops” are often located close to artistic venues and monuments.

The Tourist Office is also a “PokeStop”, giving you one more reason to come and meet our reception team.


Visit and play in Rouen

Are you a Pokémon fan? Come and flush out these little creatures in the streets of Rouen, through a route strewn with riddles and little games, which will lead you to observe and discover the heritage from a different angle.

Route 1: Meet at Place Barthélémy in front of the Église St Maclou, Rouen
Wednesday, September 22 at 3pm

Route 2: Meet in front of the restaurant La Couronne 21 place du Vieux Marché
Friday August 27 and Wednesday October 20 at 3pm

Ages 8 and up / Duration 1h30

Full price: €10 / Reduced price and children: €8

Here’s a new way to visit Rouen and its exceptional heritage while having fun alone, with family or friends.