Cathedral of Light 2015, VikingsCathedral of Light 2015, Vikings
©Cathedral of Light 2015, Vikings|JF Lange

La Belle Dame

You will dream, eyes wide open! At nightfall, the Cathedral is adorned with magic. Monumental projections animate its mythical facades in two beautiful sound and light shows.

Its bewitching lace...

It’s a fascinating and poetic experience that awaits you on the Cathedral’s square. And this nightly and summery event is entirely free. For this eleventh edition, two sound and light shows, which rely on new technologies and revolutionary interactions, make the giant of Rouen’s heritage vibrate. Before our eyes, the imposing Gothic facade metamorphoses, the Butter Tower and the St. Roman Tower come to life and the whole of this iconic monument seems more alive than ever.

And if you became actors of the projection?

Rendezvous with Light is an interactive creation that takes us into light in all its forms. The one offered by Nature, the one of stained glass windows, painters’ palettes or our urban neon lights.
And this time, the show is done with the spectators! Every evening, the public is invited to participate in the creation of a collective work. Via a QR code, you can bring the Cathedral to life by waving your phone, and will even be able to place a virtual candle on its facade. The inhabitants of Rouen have also been put to work and appear as avatars. It took high-flying projections for such an exceptional heritage!

The time of the explorers

With the show Les Nouveaux Mondes, it is the entire epic of maritime conquests that scrolls on the Cathedral, punctuated by the waves, the wind and the course of the stars. Here we are immersed in the crazy dreams of French, Portuguese or English sailors, ready to land on paradisiacal islands, to discover cultures that have disappeared to the bottom of the oceans or to get close to the stars with the first steps of Man on the Moon.
Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo and Neil Armstrong are part of the journey with an original soundtrack that has brought together, for the occasion, 135 choristers from four choirs and the Conservatory of Rouen.


The Cathedral of Light show will take place tevery night at dusk.
From June 2 to September 30.