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Exhibition "Normands, migrants, conquérants, innovateurs"

The exhibition at the Musée des Antiquités et des Beaux-Arts highlights the complexity and richness of the links forged between Normandy and the rest of the world from the medieval period of the 9th-12th centuries.
More than 250 works are presented as milestones in the great saga of the Normans, builders of a Europe before its time, who in their time took up residence in various countries, from England to Sicily.


Who are the Normans?

The word Normand derives from the translation into French of the Latin Nortmannus, itself derived from the Nordic languages and meaning man of the North. At the time, it designated the Vikings, “those who docked”, i.e. the fringe of the Scandinavian population engaged in military expeditions or territorial expansion, on the coasts of the English Channel and the Atlantic. Before 910, Normandy did not exist, as it was called Neustria. Normandy only became such when the Vikings, henceforth known as “Normans”, were entrusted with the Duchy of Normandy by the King of France himself in 911, at the Traité de Saint-Clair-sur-Epte.

Migrants, conquerors, innovators

The exhibition begins with the “Vikings and Scandinavians” section, presented at the Musée des Antiquités and continues at the musée des Beaux-Arts with four further sections:

  • The arrival of the Vikings in the Frankish Empire,
  • The migrations and conquests of England,
  • The Normans in southern Italy,
  • The incursions of the Normans in the Reconquista and the Crusades.

NORMANDS Migrants, Conquerors, Innovators
14 APRIL – 13 AUGUST 2023
Full price for both museums: €11 – Reduced price: €8
Full price for the Musée des Beaux-Arts: €9 – Reduced price: €6
Full price for the Musée des Antiquités: €4

Three stories from Norway

Nordic lights

As part of the theme “A Season with the Normans”, Rouen’s Musée des Beaux Arts is dedicating one of its spaces to a selection of works by three contemporary Norwegian photographers offering a vision of the contemporary Nordic world through the photographic works that make up these Three Tales from Norway.

Marie Sjøvold, Ole Marius Joergensen and Terje Abusdal are the three photographers featured this summer. Marie Sjøvold captures sensitive snapshots in the intimacy of a family world, Ole Marius Joergensen delivers a fiction – the solitude of a commercial traveler – based on cinematically resonant stagings, and Terje Abusdal leads a documentary project that
interrogates the heritage and identity of a community from a neighboring country.

The exhibition is open free of charge until August 13, 2023 every day except Tuesday from 10 am to 6 pm.