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5 places to run

Looking for a place to run in Rouen or to do your jogging in Normandy? Discover 5 places in Rouen or nearby that are suitable for running. Parks, forests, banks of the Seine, so many ideas for you joggers to practice your favorite sport.

The quays of the Seine

If you ask a Rouen resident, the must-see place to run in Rouen, he will definitely tell you the quays of the Seine, right bank, left bank or both.
The quays offer you a route along the banks of the Seine between the redeveloped sheds, barges, cruise ships and green spaces.

On theright bank, two routes are possible. The first is a 5.5 km loop that allows you to do a simple jog on an asphalt surface, straight and flat. If you are more enduring, you can start from the Pont Gustave Flaubert for an 18 km round trip on the right bank quays. You’ll walk along the Seine River to the town of Belbeuf.

On the Left Bank, you’ll be able to walk along 3.6 km of landscaped docks with a breathtaking view of the Rouen Cathedralfrom the Saint-Sever meadow to the Rollet peninsula.

To vary the routes and distances, you can of course switch from one bank to the other using one of the many bridges.

The green forest

Located north of Rouen, on the communes of Houppeville, Isneauville,  Mont-Saint-Aignan or Bois-Guillaume. This forest massif is very popular with joggers. With its large area, you will have no trouble defining a course at the distance of your choice.

The starting point is very often the parking de la Bretèque, with a course of 4 to 5 km on paved track. You can also take dirt roads if you wish. This site is also a trail training site with courses that can extend to over 18  kilometers.

The Garden of Plants

The green lung of the left bank and its 85,000 m² offer you a bucolic setting for running in Rouen. You can easily jog around the park (1.2 km distance) on a compacted earth ground.

The remarkable trees, the large flower beds but also the large water basins will give rhythm to your strides throughout your run. This park will offer you the luxury of running in Rouen in a little green paradise.

The forest of Roumare

West of the Capital of Normandy, you will quickly access by car to the forest of Roumare.An ideal sports ground to run quietly in a natural environment. This large forest complex extends over 4,000 hectares along a meander of the Seine.

You will take advantage of the paved paths around the animal park to establish your course. Many dirt roads allow you to adapt the distance and difficulty of your runs.

The little extra of this place is of course the possibility while running to observe the wild boars, deer, fallow deer or hinds of the animal park.

The towpath

At La Bouille, Jumièges, Sahurs, Jumièges …and more generally in the Seine Valley, take advantage of the towpaths along the Seine to run. From one bank to another, the towpaths are numerous and allow you to vary your routes throughout your training.

In a natural environment, you will follow the rhythm of barges and other boats that use the Seine every day.

Rouen Tourism offers you

cultural jogging

A tour of Rouen with short strides.
Give your general culture a new lease on life during a ten-kilometer circuit by running or fast walking. The breaks will allow you to learn a little moreabout the history of the city, on various themes.