Cathedral of Light 2015, VikingsCathedral of Light 2015, Vikings
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Cathedral of Light

Need information about the Illuminations of Rouen Cathedral? Every summer, Rouen’s Notre-Dame Cathedral is highlighted by an incredible sound and light show. As night falls, couples, families, groups, tourists and residents of Rouen and the surrounding area gather on the Place de la Cathédrale to be amazed by this emotionally-charged spectacle.

Cathedral Illuminations

Notre-Dame de Rouen

After the first Rouen Cathedral illuminations show on the theme of Impressionism, Notre-Dame was dressed in a new show in 2015, based on two other themes: Jeanne(s) and the Vikings. Founded in 911 by the Scandinavian chieftain Rollon, Normandy experienced dark times with the Viking invasions of the 9th century. In 2015, Joan of Arc, a mythical figure in French history, retraced her story on the façade of France’s tallest cathedral.

Cosmo AV has transformed the epic story of Joan of Arc and the Treaty of Saint-Clair-sur-Epte, which ceded Normandy to the Vikings, in its own way. The show is free and delights hundreds of thousands of spectators throughout the season.

In 2017, the new show entitled “Fiers et Conquérants” evoked the epic of William the Conqueror, the historical context and the courage of this man, who enabled the Duchy of Normandy to become, at that time, the most powerful and modern of European states.

Cathedral of Light 2023

Two unique shows

From May 24 to September 28, 2024, the shows will be back.

Every evening, you’ll be able to admire the free sound and light show Illuminations de la Cathédrale de Rouen.

For Cathédrale de Lumière, Métropole Rouen Normandie and the Normandie Impressionniste festival have commissioned American visual artist and director Robert Wilson to create a new audiovisual work projected onto the façade of the monument immortalized by Monet.

With his Rouen creation, he confronts his abstract universe with a solid edifice, seizing on the history of a city that has suffered, creating powerful images from which emerge the vulnerability and beauty of human existence. Carried by the voice of Isabelle Huppert and the poetry of Maya Angelou, this monumental audiovisual installation is an artistic event not to be missed.

Spectacle : Cathédrale de Lumière à Rouen en 2019
Spectacle  : Cathédrale de Lumière à Rouen en 2019
Spectacle : Cathédrale de Lumière à Rouen en 2019

Practical information

Dates and times of screenings scheduled from May 24 to September 28, 2023 :

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