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Traditional Normandy recipes in Rouen

Enjoy a taste of Normandy on your plate. Sample some typical Normandy recipes in Rouen’s traditional restaurants. Rouen, the capital of Normandy, is home to many local producers and regional products that the gastronomic chefs use every day. There are traditional recipes such as Mirlitons, Douillon or pressed duck, also called Rouen-style duck.

Traditional Normandy recipes and regional products

A speciality of the Seine Valley, Rouen duckling is the essential dish that you must try during your weekend or trip here. Inspired by the famous Normandy recipes by Père Denise, an old innkeeper from Duclair, your duck will be prepared completely in front of you by the master duck chef in one of the gourmet restaurants in the city of Rouen.

After being coated in mustard, roasted and grilled, the breasts, legs and wings will be removed in order to extract the essential juices from the carcass with the help of a silver duck press. Coated in its “Rouen” sauce (sauce with the base of Bordeaux wine and shallots) then flambéed, your Duclair duckling will be served with a celery tart and an oven-baked caramelised apple.

Most frequently called “canard au sang”, the particularity of these Normandy recipes is the pink colour of the duckling.

Another reason to come to Rouen and discover its incomparable flavours.

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