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25, place de la Cathédrale
CS 30666 76008 Rouen
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Foreign exchange office : +33(0)2 35 89 48 60
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7 cours Gambetta
76500 Elbeuf
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Rue Guillaume le Conquérant
76480 Jumièges
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Place du Général de Gaulle
76 480 Duclair
Tel : + 33(0)2 35 05 91 50

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City of rouen: a few must-see sites

Are you organising a trip to Rouen or do you live in the city of Rouen in Normandy? Are you asking yourself “what can I do in Rouen and the areas nearby?”, and you don’t want to miss anything in the capital of Normandy and its surroundings? You’re in the right place! Here you can find all the essential sights in Rouen and the Seine Valley that are absolutely not to be missed.

The City of Rouen, the unmissables

The city of Rouen in Normandy brings together 71 communes, and just as many good reasons to discover our region with its different appearances, from Jumièges to Elbeuf via Rouen, Duclair and La Bouille. Listed as a “Town and Land of Art and History”, the city possesses exceptional historic and cultural heritage.

Located less than two hours from Paris and 40 minutes from the sea, this country of Impressionism has inspired the greatest artists who came here to recharge their batteries and create their greatest works, like Monet and his cathedrals. Every three years incidentally, Normandy plays host to the Normandy Impressionist Festival to pay homage to this movement via different forms of art such as painting exhibitions of course, but also theatre or even music. Other large events also take place in Rouen such as the Armada, the Cathedral of Light show and unmissable sporting events such as the French Cup and the 24 hour powerboating.

Both medieval and spiritual, Rouen has been able to preserve the soul of its past, and you can immerse yourself in it during a walk through the neighbourhood of antique dealers with its timber frames and artisans. A symbolic figure of the town, Joan of Arc is intimately linked to Rouen and numerous places tell her story such as the Joan of Arc History Museum or the church that bears her name.

The Seine Valley

Leave Rouen for a trip to the Seine valley by following the Abbeys Trail which will lead you to Jumièges and Saint-Martin-de-Boscherville, among others. You could also choose the Fruits Trail which will show you the many apple trees, plum trees, pear trees and cherry trees of the region. These products are just a tiny part of the gastronomic heritage of Normandy. Products of the region and local specialities have the place of honour particularly thanks to chefs, restaurant owners and the Club des Toques de Rouen and Seine Valley, who carefully prepare exquisite dishes! And of course we mustn’t forget the Autumn Gourmet Festival which will delight your taste buds.

As you can see, between the Seine and the forest, the city of Rouen is in itself unmissable!

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